Sunday, October 4, 2015

Guest room

It took a little longer than I expected, but the 2015 goals of house projects via the guest room is officially finished and about $75 was spent.  The unexpected time was partially due to really wanting to use yard sale items where I could, both because I wanted this to done cheap, and also because it is just fun to hunt down items at yard sales, and also delayed because, sometimes life just got in the way and diverted my attention.

It all started with the new quilt set I found somewhat on a whim at TJ Maxx for $39. I bought it with a vague plan for re-doing the room, but didn't really commit to it for about two months.  It eventually led to a bed skirt at Tuesday Morning for $16, then a rug from Home Goods for $19. I also bought one bed pillow from Wal-Mart for $2.88. That's the extent of the money I spent for the guest room.

Everything else was moved from another room or found cheap at yard sales. The light blue sheers were once in the master bedroom,  the nightstand is an old sewing machine that belonged to my aunt, the tissue cover was crocheted for me about 20 years ago, I've had the dolls and the dresser for at least that long. The yard sale items were:  big white mirror was $3 at a yard sales about 10 years ago. The two light blue shams were $1 each, the three white pillow cases were $.50 each (two pillows are hiding behind the shams), and the standing lamp was $5. And I painted the light switch instead of replacing it.

All finally coming together was greatly assisted with a visit from my cousin and neighbor who has a lot more energy than I do, and basically whipped it all in shape. Thank God for family members who don't work, so they have free time in the day, and interest in decorating rooms, even when they are not in their own house.

An added little surprise bonus is the guest bathroom is done too. It took two trips to TJ Maxx and one evening after work. 2015 goals getting accomplished.

PS.... the top is from my last Stitch Fix