Monday, June 18, 2018

Mani-Monday Revlon Color Stay in Two of a Kind

I keep looking for polish for the summer but this one is not it. I cannot find one positive thing to say about this. Its dark chocolate and not my favorite. Not sure what I was expecting but this was not it. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

It was a great weekend

It has been a really good and productive weekend.


I made it to Bible Study, which doesn't always happen. This one is a long and deep one that requires a lot of homework. That combined with class is on Saturday morning- which is not the easiest time to make- means I have missed a week here and there and have fallen behind. Last week, I actually did the wrong weeks' homework. I am not even mad about it though because it was SO GOOD. This week Beth talked about the very thing I needed to hear- about  God placing you in your position at work on purpose and for us to bring God's intelligence, energy and radiance to work with you. It was just really good. 

I had already determined that this weekend I was going to catch up, take care of things that have been on my plate and in my mind and hanging around, needing attention, so I can try and just get ahead.

Saturday I dedicated to the home front. I got groceries, washed clothes, re-arranged the kitchen cabinets,  cleaned the kitchen really really well,  finished organizing the bathroom, cleaned the bathroom and cleaned the master bedroom. I was planning on working upstairs to get that a little straightened  out but I never made it upstairs. I did however make a lot of progress downstairs and it felt good to see some actual progress.

Sunday, I had determined was going to be dedicated to catching up  on work things. I went to my office but the key to get in the building was not working so I went back home and worked on the couch.  I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but I feel good that a few things were accomplished and I feel like I am ready for the week ahead.

In between working, I helped the husband put up shelves and slowly start to pick up and organize the garage. It is  not looking organized, but its a lot better and I'm excited to have shelves up to keep picking up and straightening up.  I feel like its going in the right direction.

I also cooked three - and delivered two- chicken pot pies, one for my friend who just had a baby, one for a friend who just had surgery and one for our dinner.

It was just a really good and productive weekend. I feel like I've gotten myself and the house together and I'm felling really good about it all. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

master bathroom organization

 Organizing one bathroom cabinet did not go as quickly as you think it would.  Its not like you see on youtube videos or magazines. 

I started late one night when my husband was out of town working. It needed to be done, and I kind of thought this would be a quick and simple little project to kick out while he was away.  Instead, it took days (and days) of arranging and rearranging and moving things to different areas. 

All the while, most of the stuff in the cabinets sat hither tither on the floor and I apologized to company (and to him), and just worked around it.

It also required a  trip to Tuesday Morning for some storage boxes.  Actually, I think they are gift boxes and I'm pretty sure they were not made to hide bath products or makeup removers, but they work really well for it and got them out of the cabinets and organized all in one place right where I need them. 

There was also some creative uses for a spice rack (small things I need to keep handy that I don't need everyday- like hair color) and a lazy Susan (for the things I reach for everyday) and two trips to Walmart for  clear storage boxes for extra items.

The perfume was pretty enough to sit out together and got its own spot on a little glass cake plate.

I dedicated Saturday afternoon to finishing up ( and also did a few kitchen cabinets). I'm feeling pretty successful and proud of myself. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Small house project: The front porch

The front porch has been neglected. I always had plans to get some more flower pots but with so many other things to do, the front porch keeps getting pushed to the end of the list.

These are  heavy and have been empty for many many years sitting on the husband's front porch. They were kind of sad looking. He didn't want them and didn't want to move them to my front porch.

I think in his mind these would be nothing but neglected old flower pots. He even told me a couple of times that he is not going to do any flower gardening.

As soon as he moved them, I knew I had to move fast and get these sad things in use. My plans didn't involve Begonias, but they were on sale at Home Depot ($5 a pot!) and I could not pass them up. 

Added a little Memorial Day/Fourth of July decorations and the front porch is looking spiffier than it has in the last few years. 

And he loves them!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June Goals

All in all, May was pretty successful in the goal department. Almost every single thing I wanted to get accomplished was done including a few more things. Carpet went in, a photo album  of wedding photos was made and  the back porch got a little attention. Not on the list, but the front porch also got some attention, as well as a few areas in my husband's house that he is trying to sell.

June is hot and its going to be slow going around here. What am I hoping to get accomplished for June? Not very ambitious, but things that need some attention:

1. Organize the makeup area and clean off the sink area (this has already been done! I had to confiscate a drawer that didn't belong to me, but I'm so happy to have the clutter off the countertops).

2. Clean out and organize the nightstand drawers.

3. Throw my husband a nice birthday party and celebrate his birthday well. (This has  happened as well. He had a huge and happy birthday weekend and loved his birthday cake (it was Paula Deen strawberry cake). 

4. Get wedding rings to the jewelry store for insurance inspection.

5. Get to Gym once a week. I went one time last month  :( 

6. Get one or two book shelves in the dining room set up. (this has been done as well).

Monday, June 11, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday Five- Five random things June 2018

1. May 2018 was the hottest May in Louisiana on record. It was miserable. I had to park and walk 3/4 of a mile to Court one Monday morning. It was already 91 degrees at 9:30a. Because the elevators were too crowded and I couldn't be late, I walked a few flights of stairs. I made it on time, but I honestly thought I  was in the beginning of having a heat stroke. I had to take my jacket off (not allowed in Court) and did not put it back on until I was actually walking up to make my arguments. The Judge looked the other way. About 50 years ago, the Courts would close in the summer because it was just too hot. I completely understand that.

2. One of my friends gave me this book at my wedding shower and I LOVE IT. I love it so much I bought the audio book. His big project at work has required him to make a long drive twice a day and he will  listen on his commute.

3.  As much as I want to, and as many project that need some male attention, I've determined that the entire month of June, I will not ask my new husband to do a thing around this house. He has his hands full with a work project and  trying to sell his own house. He has had several people look at the house but no offers.  I know its going to sell. Its in a quiet downtown area, directly across the street from the police department, walking distance to church and school.  He is trying to make that sale sooner rather than later by making it more appealing. Almost all the furniture is out of it, his niece cleaned the inside really well, he power washed the outside, I cleaned up the front porch and the sun room. He is now putting crown molding in the bathroom and painted the red dining room a soft grey.  It looks really good. He wishes he would have done this years ago. 

4. Have you heard of Funny Bunny OPI  nail polish? People are wild about it. Its a summer white. Not like painting you nails with white out (like I did in jr. high), its softer, kind of greyish. Its also sold out everywhere and  its wildly expensive on Amazon. I finally found some today in - of all places- Sally's Beauty Supply. My first impression is... I'm not sure it is for me.... but I'll report in later.

5. The professional wedding photos arrived. I could not be happier. I am so glad we spent a little money and hired a professional photographer. It was really the only place we splurged.  It was so worth it. (photo credit: Jason Hudson Photography).