Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Michael's Haul

One of the reasons I wanted to elope, was because I wanted a very simple, inexpensive wedding. 

My plan is to find some cheap grocery store flowers, whatever happens to look pretty and fresh that day and voila! They will become my wedding flowers. I don't really feel like I am making a bouquet so much as I am just picking some flowers to carry.

Although I wont do anything elaborate, I watched a few youtube videos (this one  and this one and especially this one $20 bouquet! Sign me up!!) and then bought a few supplies I might need at Michaels.

The most expensive thing was the scissor snips for $9.99 but I had a 40% off coupon. I also picked up two different ribbons, for $4.99 each, to wrap around the stems, in case I want to get a little fancy. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

weekend update

The weekend was strangely productive and I was quite surprised at how many things from the April Goal List, which seemed almost impossible at one time, have suddenly been accomplished.

All the Christmas decorations (along with the Easter wreath) was corralled in one location by me, and a spot made for storage in the attic by the almost husband.

The desk that has been sitting in the entry way for far too long made it upstairs but without legs. I've been reassured that when I am ready for it, the reassembly will be quick and painless. 

I half-heartedly started rearranging the linen closet and right now almost everything is out on the floor and it is a mess. I've accepted that this does not need to happen before the wedding.

Home Depot came Saturday morning (at 7:30 a.m. !!) to measure for the carpet upstairs and that is in the works.

Some furniture was rearranged in the dining room into its permenant location which means I can now give it a good cleaning and start using it as storage / displaying the china / setting up my dining room.  One piece of furniture was moved to the bedroom  and that needs some love and attention as well.

I also got the new PJs, took two dresses back to Dillards (one was a potential wedding dress and one was a potential shower dress), and we found his suit and my wedding shoes. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April goals

1.      Get married. And get the rings, new PJs, shoes for me and a suit for him, a cake, a bouquet, a marriage license, and some gifts and activities for the grandkids to do in the car when they are driving from the chapel to Denver.

2.      Get carpet on the stairs and in the second upstairs. This has been a long time coming and I am pretty dang excited about it. Home Depot (free installation) is scheduled to come measure this weekend. The carpet and pad have been chosen, but depending, on the final price, there is a good chance that both will be re-chosen… and I’m trying to get this done before getting married, so the husband can move into his home office.

3.      Speaking of home offices…. I need to move my desk upstairs and start to get my own home office running. The problem is I never have three men at my house at the same time to move the heavy desk upstairs. It has to be carried above their heads (above the banister upstairs) to fit in the room.

4.      And more speaking of home offices… Because the second upstairs is no longer going to be a storage spot, the Christmas decorations are going to be moved to the attic. I have started a little pile and I want to finish this month, and have them completely tucked into their new home in the attic before I go away for the wedding.

5.      Pack up the Easter decorations and find a spot, probably another spot in the attic.

6.      Lose 15 pounds. I know this is not going to happen. I've been going round and round with this since the first of the year and only have a 6 pound loss to show for it.  Right now, I will be satisfied with losing another 3 pounds and super-duty spanks.  

7.       Start and keep up with two Bible studies. One on Saturdag (Patriarchs by Beth Moore) and one on Thursday nights (20 ways to have a better day by Joyce Meyers). The starting has happened and so far, so good.


Monday, April 9, 2018

mani Monday: Private Viewing Wet and Wild

I'm on the fence about this one. I like it because its just a nice neutral. I also dislike it because, after three coats,  it is still just about the color of  skin tone ( just a nice neutral...) On the plus side, it wears really well, its shiny and its really cheap.... But I don't love it. but I don't hate it either....

Sunday, April 8, 2018

few things i love right now

Roses from my garden (and the empty house  next door). I haven't been showing the roses much attention or tender loving care lately. They have kind of been on their own. There are on the list of items needing attention, somewhere between flooring in a few rooms and a new hot water heater ( will it ever end?) They are still  alive enough to produce a few bouquets each week for the house. You got to be kinda hearty to make it in my yard.  

Have you tried the strawberry- lemonade from  Wendy's? It is delicious.  Its loaded with sugar, but man. It is good stuff.

Also delicious, the big squeezy, a juice bar right across the street from the Courthouse. Its a little treat when I go to court, but hard decision each morning. They have little sample cups of all the juice. That's how I came to choose this one. It tastes better than it sounds and makes myself feel better for eating all the valentines and Easter candy (and cheesecake).

Tarte Shape Tape concealer. Its expensive but its good and a little goes a long way.

An African violet sitting in my kitchen window. When I was a kid, my maw-maw grew them and she was serious about it- like black light serious. I could not keep my hands off the fuzzy little leaves and contributed to the demise of many of her little friends.  This one is the first one I've been able to successfully grow. The others died quickly. I inspect this one daily for any signs, but so far, it appears healthy, growing and blooming. I think I found the right spot. It seems to like my kitchen window.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

wedding shower

My friend Kim texted me about 10:30 one night when I was already in bed and half asleep. She told me she and Kay were hosting a wedding shower.  I was stunned. I was so surprised.  The thought had not even crossed my mind! They did everything and kept it all a surprise. They only once asked my opinion. 

For the one opinion they requested, I said I wanted a small shower with only my closest friends, only the people who knew how much this meant to me, who had first hand saw the surprise and devastation, saw me (helped me) walk out of it, and  knew that the difficult days were behind me and their prayers had been answered on a blind date with a widower.

He was timid, but he stuck his head in the shower when it was almost over. So many people said the same thing when they met him..... "I've been praying for you. You have no idea...."  He was overwhelmed. At one point he just stayed in the corner with cake while one by one he was being interrogated vetted. He had never been to a shower before , didn't know what to expect, but he was overjoyed and he absolutely loved it. We talked about it for many days afterward. It was honestly one of the best days of my life. I think it was the same for him. He had to deal with trauma in his recent past too. 

I had been an answered prayer for him too. Each family member was just giddy meeting me. His nieces came by one at a time to hug me and all tell me the same thing. Everyone with big smiles and tears in their eyes. He is such a great guy. They are so happy he found me.

I honestly expected a very simple shower.  But I was blown away by how nice everything was. The beautiful cake, the decorative cookies and shower favors to take home and just celebrating and being loved on by my friends, barefoot, in the kitchen. 

After the shower, we moved to the backyard for a few candid and a few frame worthy photos. It was a really good day.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook- Easter 2018

Where I've been:
I kind of abandoned this little blog space. SO many things have been needing attention elsewhere and there are a long list of other "reasons", but.... for now.... here I am again.

In fact, I am only here because I'm stealing some time from the Easter preparations (currently laundry and kitchen clean up) to sit with my coffee, look out the glass doors and create an electronic keepsake of my pondering. But I'm going to have to get busy soon.

Outside my window:  
It is probably the nicest day of the year. Sunny and bright and cool. The temp is 66 and it is suppose to get into the low 70's today. I wish every day could be this nice.... humidity is my enemy.

I am looking forward to:
SO many things:
  • Easter Sunday: I "accidently" invited 15 people to my house for dinner.  I was expecting my new mother in law and brother in law, and asked my almost husband if there were any crew members on his boat stuck here without a home to go to for Easter. That led to inviting other stray cats who may not have a family home for Easter and the one thing led to another and now we expect 15, which brings me to my second thing...

  • The almost husband is cooking Easter. I picked up a honey baked ham and he is making roast, green beans, white beans, corn bread,  and rice, because....

  • A root canal on Tuesday morning. Yes. I am looking forward to this. I've been in a lot of pain for the last few days, Missed two days of work, been on antibiotics that make my tummy hurt and pain pills that make me have weird dreams (talking puppies). I am ready to get this over with. This will also be the first time the almost husband gets to take care of me after dental work, which brings me to my next thing...

  • Ozarks trip. My wedding April 26. A small, low-key, quiet thing in a little chapel in the woods.  We are getting a small cake and some flowers from Walmart. The "reception" will be at a little family owned restaurant, outside if its warm and inside by the fire place if its cooler. The only thing we spent money on was a professional photographer. I originally wanted just a nice day dress to get married in, then changed my mind and did buy a wedding dress, but it was on the clearance rack at David's Bridal. (this one). 

am reading:

  • 20 ways to make everyday better by Joyce Meyers. My Thursday night ladies Bible study is starting this book in a few weeks, I've already got a jump on it. I'm in chapter 6.

  • The Patriarchs by Beth Moore. My Saturday morning ladies Bible study group is starting this one. I know its overly ambitious of me to try and do both studies at the same time, but, I'm thinking the Joyce Meyer book is not going to take a lot of time or studying. I have been wanting to go back and do some of Beth Moore's older studies that I missed. (I think I may have done this one before.. about 20 years ago... but I cant remember, I probably started it then didn't finish it.)

 Around the house:

This is still a sore subject and one that I feel will have no end. There is plenty of complaining I can do, but....

The progress:

I hired my friend's teenage son and he has been a little laborer. He has "cleaned out" the garage, really he just threw away what I told him to and moved everything else to one side and swept it. He also washed off some things I'm still trying to keep. That Amite River mud wont let go. There is still plenty more cleaning out to do in there.

He also emptied the room above the garage and stacked everything in a different upstairs bedroom.  I need to rethink some storage. The upstairs is no longer going to be a catch all but is going to be the husband's home office. Where will my Christmas tree go? Its a mystery.

The plan is to get carpet  on the back stairs and in the upstairs room before the wedding, so he can seamlessly just move right in. I am simultaneously working on my home office, which is a bedroom on the other side of the house, also upstairs.  I hired a professional painter to come in and touch up the downstairs and said, while your here you may as well paint this upstairs bedroom too. I was tired of the green walls years ago and after living up there for a year or more (with a dog), it needed to be refreshed. (understatement).

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