Monday, July 2, 2018

more getting back in the swing of things.... cooking

Cooking is getting easier for me but its still not as natural and easy as it was before the flood- also known as the long long cooking break. 

Crockpot meals are always the easiest to cook, after you gather all the things needed.  This weekend I made white beans and tasso. Helped a little with a can of white beans. This is a recent find. Adding a can of beans makes it so creamy.

Also made corn bread as well and rice and it was delicious. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

one box a day

I am overwhelmed with a lot of things including the upstairs. Part of the problem is I don't know where to start and so I give up everytime I think of working up there. Another part of the problem is it is frustrating and I don't want to be frustrated.  Maybe the biggest part of the problem is I really don't have anywhere for all this random stuff I saved from the flood to live downstairs and everything is kind of dusty. It is just a mess. And who wants to get themselves in a mess?

For instance.... Lightbulbs. I don't have a designated spot. Before the flood they all lived in one shelf in the standing cabinet by the stacked washer and dryer. Now, that cabinet, like most everything else I owned and my organized systems, is gone. In place is a new washer and dryer that is not stackable but a side by sde. thus there is no room for a cabinet next to it. There is a  new cabinet above it, but it is currently holding all the laundry items, the iron, the paper plates and cups and plastic storage bags and it just cant hold everything. 

So that is the delimina in a nut shell. There is no place for the lightbulb to live. And all this mental energy, angst, frustration, and time for just a lightbulb. Its just easier to let the light bulb, and everything else, just sit upstairs then to try and figure all this out. Its frustrating.

That's just the lightbulb. I've found one used  shelf bracket, two parts of a 5 tier shelving unit (where is the rest of it? should I save it and try and find the rest of it? who knows...), one shoe that I love and keep thinking the other one will turn up, a flashlight, a purse that has white paint on it, and one VHS movie. 

The only thing that seems to be working is, for the last few weeks, I've been making myself fill one box at a time and bring it downstairs. I sit in on the dining room table then deal with everything in box over the course of a few day. 

The plates slowly make it to the dishwasher, some get thrown away because the flood water stained them. When I am piddling around I look around for a spot where all the lightbulbs can live. It has also helped a lot that the husband put up some shelves in the  garage and that's where the lightbulbs are going to live.

Slowly, slowly. One box at a time. 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Trader Joe's haul

I try to avoid Trader Joes on Sunday, but sometimes it just cant be helped. Sometimes you need/want something that only this little specialty store has and in the name of being prepared for your next work week means you are fighting the traffic and the crowds, and going to Trader Joes on Sunday.

I'm trying to avoid eating any flour products and I specifically went for the pasta. I ended up with black bean pasta, brown rice pasta and regular pasta (for the husband).  For the last few years I've had stomach issues.  The test from the doctors was inconclusive, only said my stomach has an "irritated spot". The nutritionist said flour products were irritating my stomach. Its not gluten because the gluten free bread will do the same thing. It is just something in the flour products that make me feel bad. I go back and forth with avoiding flour products (which is not easy, but makes a big difference). Thus the trip to get pasta from different things, and the pizza crust made from cauliflower. I got two different ones plus some pepperoni to add.

Also got a few snacks for both of us for the work week: bananas, Fuji apples, corn chips, and snack packs of salami and mozzarella cheese.

Got some veggies to cook for the week too. Organic zucchini was only $.99 a pound. I like to use the little spirilizer and fry it up in a skillet with garlic and oil. After work, it takes about 3.8 minutes and that's about all I have the time and patience to do after work. I also got some Brussel sprouts to cook in the oven. That is even easier- cut them in half and throw them in the oven and that's it.

One of the best things Trader Joes sells is cheap flowers. I can not leave the store with a bouquet or three. Today, I got regular white roses and a large bouquet of smaller spray yellow roses. It was about $11 for the whole thing and I got two bouquets for the week, one large one for the kitchen and one small one for beside my bed. 

One negative I have found is that Trader Joe's flowers, although  cheap, do not last as long or look as good as flowers from Whole Foods. Its a trade-off.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

sephora monthly subscription

I have not been this excited about a subscription box in quite a while. The June box really knocked it out of the park. I was excited about everything in this one.

I already use the Living Proof Styling Cream and the Clinque Take the Day Off makeup remover . So both of these went into the travel bag for my next trip (I'm trying to talk the husband into going somewhere for a long Labor Day weekend. Escaping the brutal heat for a cooler spot for Labor Day is one of my favorite things to do (Hello Depot Bay Oregon) But, with three houses we are currently suffering with, managing, this is just in the dream stages).

I'm really into long wearing lipsticks right now, so I was excited about both the too faced melted lipstick and the Murad face moisturizer. But as it turned out, the lipstick color was really wrong for me.  Its suppose to be a soft- mauve which sounded perfect, but
I've come to accept that I'm at the  age where I need some color  on my lips, and the grey/brown style from the 90s just wont work for me. So that was disappointing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

30 minutes each morning

It suddenly hit me..... If I plan this right each morning- have  a shower and eat breakfast with the husband before he leaves to work on a big project (he usually works at home) ... I have 30 to 45 minutes at home alone before I have to get ready for work.

I am wildly happy about this and have come to really love these minutes.

What have I been doing? Every morning is different but it usually involves me turning the AC down low and getting on the couch with a blanket to do : 
  • Bible study (currently this one)
  • fold the laundry
  • just sit with coffee looking out the backyard at the birds
  • texting cousins
  • looking up recipes
  • making on line grocery store orders
  • blogging
  • Fritter the time away on facebook and Instagram
  • Once I fell asleep

Monday, June 18, 2018

Mani-Monday Revlon Color Stay in Two of a Kind

I keep looking for polish for the summer but this one is not it. I cannot find one positive thing to say about this. Its dark chocolate and not my favorite. Not sure what I was expecting but this was not it.