Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 goals in action. A house project

As I am working through the Lara Casey Powersheets,  some goals I knew almost immediately. One of my 2015 goals will be more attention to my house. 

To me, it means an overarching theme and is going to present itself in different ways through out this year,  like a yard sale, a garage door repair and, first, this buffet.

After an unwanted and unforeseen divorce, and a year and a half of limping along feeling pitiful walking through a large eat in kitchen area that was completely empty, and having no convenient place for mail, the phone, Christmas china storage and cookbooks,  I finally said one morning... I cant live like this anymore, and I started looking.

I knew almost immediately I wanted a buffet and not a china cabinet, which is what sat in that space for the last seven years. (is it a good sign that I have no desire to recreate the past?) And I did not want an antique for the same reason. I briefly considered console type tables, but it was a relatively brief thought (I love Paula Deen's furniture line, and for a while, this one was the forerunner). 

and I knew I needed something tall, because, first and foremost, I am really tall and want to be surrounded by my kind and second. Really? who would put the phone plug and outlet so high on a wall? (The same person who painted the bathroom cabinets green  forcing me to paint them brown?) and the lamp is a place holder while the real lamp is being searched out. The final touch will be a large mirror that I already own to go above it.

I was actually at Olinde's before Christmas with my oldest friend looking for a small kitchen table (that I still have not found, I am hunting with limited funds) when I saw this tall, glass doored beauty from across the crowded showroom. It was love at first sighting.

I, of course, did not buy it. I feel I have to shop around and look at practically every buffet in the city before I commit to such a large purchase.  Then I, of course, I asked for (and received) an additional discount when I did buy it.

Saturday afternoon was spent with my friend making soup and moving the cookbooks into their new home on the bottom shelf, which, coincidentally, is a perfect fit. Then, we basically sat around and admired it a while, before she finally said. "This just looks like Bobbie".

I agree.

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  1. Bobbie, - I love it ! Butch seems to look it also.

  2. It looks great & I'm sure the mirror above it will be a nice touch. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty :)