Monday, June 13, 2016

stitch fix

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One of the happiest days is the day I get home and find my stitch fix box  sitting quietly at the front door.   Seriously!

This month was box #11 for me. I have slightly mixed feelings about it. On one hand.... its a little expensive.  But on the other hand, I like the surprise, the finding it at my doorstep, the brands I wouldn't have seen or picked out by myself, and there is something to be said about the service, of having cute clothes that fit you and match the other things you own come straight to your door.

Its been working out that I usually keep one or two items from each box.  The two things I kept from my latest stitch fix box, a lightweight navy blue sweater that has elbow patches on the back of the arms in fuchsia (like this)  and the most comfortable, stylish and flattering pair of green crop pants (like this).

I love these green crops and they fit really well  but.... they were expensive.  I've told myself before I could find something similar cheaper but the truth is.... I cant.  Its not like a cute top, where I have the consignment store to run to every weekend.  Pants are hard to get right. I'm not going to spend the time and energy (and a precious Saturday) to go from store to store looking for something similar in my size that is cheaper.  In the end, considering everything, I have a really stylish pair of pants I love and think it is probably worth it to avoid the rest of the hassle.

Its the whole bird in the hand thing...  I find Stitch Fix works just like everyone said it would work. The longer you get the box the more they get to know you and start sending you things that are more your style and fit.  The things I returned this month......  the sleeveless blue and white denim shirt. It was super soft and comfy but too distressed for me. I honestly don't know where I'd wear it or what I would pair it with. I didn't have to think twice. It went back in the box immediately.

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I debated heavily on this striped sweater, it was such a good fit and a light weight and perfect for the spring/summer. In the end though, I sent it back. It was not the right color for me and no matter how much I tried to make it work, the color was just not for me. (looking at it now, I still struggle... note to self in future... if your struggling with the decision this much, just keep it....)

The color on the coral top was perfect for me and I loved the open work at the top. I really struggled with whether or not to keep this top, however, I didn't like the billowy effect of the blouse.  It went back too. (no regrets on this one).


  1. Very Cute Clothes ! Nice that they are delivered right at the door.

  2. OH!!! Some friends and I were just talking about this - one of them gets the box too - said the same thing as you! I love your new duds and they look terrific on you - I thought the sweater looked fine colorwise and I bet you could wear it with jeans or some white summery pants. But anyway, great post - I might really have to go check them out now. :)