Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sephora and Ulta haul (including birthday gifts!)

Sephora and Ulta both had birthday gifts for me waiting at their store, so this weekend I swung on by to collect my presents.

At Sephora, the gift is two Nars lipstick pencils, and I also picked up another Formula X Nail Polish System color and a sample size of the Glamglow mask in hydrating which I can report works really well and is one of my favorite things this month. However, I can only see myself buying the sample sizes as the regular size is quite pricy. It looks like I'll get 4 uses from the sample, and I am quite generous when applying it.

At Ulta, the gift was a five piece eye shadow of my choice, and I also picked up my birthday present to myself, the Lorac Pro Pallet eye shadow set (tutorial here and discussion here and here) that I've been thinking of and wanting and waiting for it to go on sale. (News flash, It NEVER goes on sale and the best you can hope for is the once a year 20% off coupon at Ulta).  I also got the cheaper verison of blue nail polish, that I've already taken for a spin and gave my thoughts on here .

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2015 goals in action: a garden project

Remember when I was complaining about not having time to do little craft projects like other people seem to have time to do? (here) 
A lazy weekend full of sunny Spring weather and $35 later, a little project is finished. If you follow me on Instagram (button to follow me is on Right  side) you'll know that my project little herb garden for my kitchen window sill was the big accomplishment for Sunday.
I had been kicking the idea in my head around and sat down with my Lara Casey 2015 Goal planning sheets  and focused a little more on my house project and goals and then put some step by step planning into it. 

I had been half-heartedly searching for the pots here and there and  found several that would have worked, but nothing that made me stop and commit to it.  Until I found these three somewhat matching, but not identical, little pots at Tuesday Morning for $6.99 each.

Having the pots made it easier to get the herbs. I picked sweet basil and oregano from wholefoods for $2.50 each and peppermint from walmart for $3.50, along with a bag of good house soil for $4.45. I already had some garden gravel in the garage.

Added unexpected benefit is that I am feeling really accomplished and this little herb garden has made me so happy just to look at it each day and my kitchen smells delightful!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Community Support Farm: My veggie box

 My first 4 weeks dipping my toe into Community Supported Agriculture.

I signed up for the 7 week Spring growing season for a  CSA box from Luckett Farms, about 20 miles from where I live. The advantages are it is locally grown,  organic and non-GMO, I am supporting a family farm, it is fresh fruit and veggies each week and it is very affordable. I think it may be a little cheaper to buy every item each week at a grocery store, but  the advantages out weight whatever savings I could find. 

I chose the smallest box for $15 but I keep tossing it up between getting the next size for $25 or staying with the small one for the Summer growing season.

Part of the fun is I don't know what I'll get until I pick the box up on Monday evening and part of the fun is figuring out how to cook what I find inside.  A beet (I roasted it) and searching recipes because, just what am I going to do with all these green onions and red potatoes?

'This post from @[381607171894901:274:Grow Food, Not Lawns] hit a chord with us. Consider this a hugely grateful shout-out to all the farmers out there who help put food on our tables. Who's with us?'

And a bonus is everything has tasted a lot better than if I would buy it at the store.  I have clearly never tasted fresh broccoli before I got it in this box, and there is a world of difference between what is in Walmart and what is grown 20 miles away. The oranges dont look as pretty, but taste a great deal better.

The not so fun part about the surprise is three weeks of green onions is too much, one stalk wilted and got thrown out completely unused... and parsley. what am I going to do with a bunch of parsley?

I am already sad I only have 2 weeks of boxes left in this season, and I am definitely going to sign up again for the next growing season, the 12 week long summer season.

Friday, March 20, 2015

This and that. Here and there.

Have you seen the "dear kitten" video?  The most adorable thing I have seen and it makes me want an orange kitten really bad.

Have you seen Diane Keaton's Loreal Ad? Its shocking. Here is some real scoop, and here.  

And Kerry Washington's cover controversy here?

This video makes me really wish for more time and energy to get fun little things done like making mugs with sharpies. Seems like my time and energy are always devoted to bigger projects, or the daily grind, not fun craft projects.

One of my favorite things..... Brown butter (instructions here)

Know what I also like ?  the cooking channel, especially this show, but I don't get this channel on my cable subscription anymore and I really miss it. Its the only channel I do miss with my cheaper package. I can watch full episodes online but it is not the same for me.

and I love this video, about accomplishing the first task of the day by making your bed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pinterest tested recipe: pizza roll up

Original recipe here.

It is shocking how tasty this is. It looks so easy and not so special, but this is a case where the finished product is tastier than the sum of its parts independently.

I've already made this three times in a two week period and recommended it to three different friend.

Probably the best pinterest recipe I've tried.

Monday, March 16, 2015

My thoughts on blue nails

Unfortunately for me, I am graduating to somewhat more expensive nail polish. I haven't gone completely crazy and tried any Department Store brands (.....hello.....Estee Lauder .... ouch!) But I've gone all in on the Sephora X System  and purchased the entire 4 bottle system and I'm a little sad to say I'm experimenting with Butter London, but so far not the full plunge to get the whole set up.... yet.... but frankly, I can feel its coming.

But when trying out the trends,  I specifically went looking for the cheaper stuff. (I wish I had thought to go even cheaper to Wet and Wild Brand for $1.99, and I think its surprisingly a good one for $1.99. )

My thoughts on blue nails:
  • I picked a week when I knew I wouldn't be in court
  • Everyone comments on blue nails
  • It was a really pretty color especially against my pale skin. It did not make me look half-dead like I thought it would (green does that to me)
  • The youth high school girls love it
  • Its not something I am going to do every week
  • It was thick and two coats colored really well but chipped easy. I got three good days out of it but still think I am pretty smart for buying the cheap blue polish
  • Chips show on bright blue polish

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

infused water recipes

It just seems wrong to be talking about recipes for water.
But, infused water.
Yes, its a thing and I'm heavy into experimenting.
(some Pinterest recipes here  and some you-tube videos on the benefits of infused water here and here and here)
Lemon, Lime and Mint
strong flavor, very "citrus-y" have not made again
Green and Black Grapes

very mild and fruity taste

very mild, not my favorite


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TJ Maxx part two (and how I've used a few things)
Last week when I happened into TJ Maxx and found some things, I liked the hand masks so much that  I took myself to a different TJ Maxx specifically looking for more (I have three TJs in my immediate area). 

The gloves were $3.99 each. One I kept for myself and one went to a different friend with some nail polish as a birthday present. Which I thought was a really clever birthday present..... nail polish and hand gloves?! 

One of my 2015 goals is more focus on my home, and I knew I wanted/needed fresh shower curtains but didn't know I would be buying it on this trip, but why not. That is part of the magic of TJ Maxx. There it was and the liner was cheap, $2.99, and the fabric curtain was a Cynthia Rowley brand for $14.99, which is about $30 cheaper than anywhere else you can find it (one of the benefits of knowing brand names, you'll recognize a deal fast).  Now that the shower curtain is up, I am not in love with it and I'm going to ~ eventually ~ look for a different one, but I'll keep it for a while and the price tag makes it possible to toss it in the yard sale pile, recoup $5 from it and just move on.
Also unplanned (is any purchase really planned in TJ Maxx.... no) and sitting in the bath section was the gold patterned mirror tray for $12.99 that is currently sitting on my bathroom counter. I had wanted a tray and was unsuccessful at finding the right size. This was close enough in size and I like gold accents better than silver I see everywhere else and could not beat the price. I couldn't pass it up. Ideally, I would like it a little bigger, but was a very good purchase.

On a non-TJ Maxx related note.... how cute is the hummingbird dressed in a suit holding the clock? It was $20 at Lancaster House,  a store only open to the public once a month, and found when spending a bad day turned into a good day of eating, drinking coffee, and shopping with a girlfriend.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TJ Maxx haul

I'll go on the record to say TJ Maxx is my favorite store to wander around chatting with a friend  and throw weird things in the buggy.

The scented soaps were  $3.99 each, two were birthday presents and one for me. The moisturizing hand mask was also $3.99 and was another present for a friend needing some comfort and I kept the foot one for me and I liked it a lot. Something I've never done. socks full of lotion to wear as a foot mask! It works.

The pillow completely and totally matches my very expensive pottery barn comforter set that I bought on sale and is now discontinued, and it was only $12!

I am always in need for reading glasses stashed in every conceivable spot. These are a lot nicer and more sturdy than the drug store kind but also a lot cheaper, at 2 pair for $7.99. I actually am in need of more already.

Monday, March 9, 2015

white chicken pizza: Pinterest Tested

Pinned here, but of course it got modified because I dont see myself making Alfredo sauce anytime soon.

My thoughts:
  • It is so easy to make
  • Very quick
  • Tasty but heavy
  • Not something you could eat a lot of, or make every few days
  • Needs some veggies added to it
Will I make it again? Yes. But not anytime soon.