Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TJ Maxx part two (and how I've used a few things)
Last week when I happened into TJ Maxx and found some things, I liked the hand masks so much that  I took myself to a different TJ Maxx specifically looking for more (I have three TJs in my immediate area). 

The gloves were $3.99 each. One I kept for myself and one went to a different friend with some nail polish as a birthday present. Which I thought was a really clever birthday present..... nail polish and hand gloves?! 

One of my 2015 goals is more focus on my home, and I knew I wanted/needed fresh shower curtains but didn't know I would be buying it on this trip, but why not. That is part of the magic of TJ Maxx. There it was and the liner was cheap, $2.99, and the fabric curtain was a Cynthia Rowley brand for $14.99, which is about $30 cheaper than anywhere else you can find it (one of the benefits of knowing brand names, you'll recognize a deal fast).  Now that the shower curtain is up, I am not in love with it and I'm going to ~ eventually ~ look for a different one, but I'll keep it for a while and the price tag makes it possible to toss it in the yard sale pile, recoup $5 from it and just move on.
Also unplanned (is any purchase really planned in TJ Maxx.... no) and sitting in the bath section was the gold patterned mirror tray for $12.99 that is currently sitting on my bathroom counter. I had wanted a tray and was unsuccessful at finding the right size. This was close enough in size and I like gold accents better than silver I see everywhere else and could not beat the price. I couldn't pass it up. Ideally, I would like it a little bigger, but was a very good purchase.

On a non-TJ Maxx related note.... how cute is the hummingbird dressed in a suit holding the clock? It was $20 at Lancaster House,  a store only open to the public once a month, and found when spending a bad day turned into a good day of eating, drinking coffee, and shopping with a girlfriend.

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  1. I love all of your finds. The wooden hummingbird to so cute. The tray is nice, How does ones function without a mirrored vanity tray? The shower curtain looks like it matches perfectly. And a lucky friend to get the gloves and Polish. All well done!