Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Community Support Farm: My veggie box

 My first 4 weeks dipping my toe into Community Supported Agriculture.

I signed up for the 7 week Spring growing season for a  CSA box from Luckett Farms, about 20 miles from where I live. The advantages are it is locally grown,  organic and non-GMO, I am supporting a family farm, it is fresh fruit and veggies each week and it is very affordable. I think it may be a little cheaper to buy every item each week at a grocery store, but  the advantages out weight whatever savings I could find. 

I chose the smallest box for $15 but I keep tossing it up between getting the next size for $25 or staying with the small one for the Summer growing season.

Part of the fun is I don't know what I'll get until I pick the box up on Monday evening and part of the fun is figuring out how to cook what I find inside.  A beet (I roasted it) and searching recipes because, just what am I going to do with all these green onions and red potatoes?

'This post from @[381607171894901:274:Grow Food, Not Lawns] hit a chord with us. Consider this a hugely grateful shout-out to all the farmers out there who help put food on our tables. Who's with us?'

And a bonus is everything has tasted a lot better than if I would buy it at the store.  I have clearly never tasted fresh broccoli before I got it in this box, and there is a world of difference between what is in Walmart and what is grown 20 miles away. The oranges dont look as pretty, but taste a great deal better.

The not so fun part about the surprise is three weeks of green onions is too much, one stalk wilted and got thrown out completely unused... and parsley. what am I going to do with a bunch of parsley?

I am already sad I only have 2 weeks of boxes left in this season, and I am definitely going to sign up again for the next growing season, the 12 week long summer season.

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  1. I enjoy all your creative deals you find. This one is fabulous in so many ways.