Monday, March 16, 2015

My thoughts on blue nails

Unfortunately for me, I am graduating to somewhat more expensive nail polish. I haven't gone completely crazy and tried any Department Store brands (.....hello.....Estee Lauder .... ouch!) But I've gone all in on the Sephora X System  and purchased the entire 4 bottle system and I'm a little sad to say I'm experimenting with Butter London, but so far not the full plunge to get the whole set up.... yet.... but frankly, I can feel its coming.

But when trying out the trends,  I specifically went looking for the cheaper stuff. (I wish I had thought to go even cheaper to Wet and Wild Brand for $1.99, and I think its surprisingly a good one for $1.99. )

My thoughts on blue nails:
  • I picked a week when I knew I wouldn't be in court
  • Everyone comments on blue nails
  • It was a really pretty color especially against my pale skin. It did not make me look half-dead like I thought it would (green does that to me)
  • The youth high school girls love it
  • Its not something I am going to do every week
  • It was thick and two coats colored really well but chipped easy. I got three good days out of it but still think I am pretty smart for buying the cheap blue polish
  • Chips show on bright blue polish

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  1. Harmmm, three days isn't so bad with no chips. Maybe you'd get even longer wear out of them with a top coat? I'll agree that brighter colours REALLY show chips, but it's a price that I'm willing to pay for the fun factor. Haha! I agree that this blue looks great against your skin. And it's so cheery!

    Also, I wish I could afford Butter London. Their bottles are so cool. I mainly stick to the polish I can get at Sally's. The 5-dollar price mark is more than discount department stores, but far less than anything I could get at a makeup counter. The wear's pretty good with China Glaze and ORLY. Good luck with your continued search! :)