Wednesday, December 31, 2014

After Christmas sale alert: Lifeway Christian Store

Lifeway Christian Store had some really good before Christmas sales and I was in there several times to pick up some  books and a new Bible.

I really wanted this Christmas decoration and almost bought it, but talked myself into waiting until after Christmas.

All Christmas items are now 50% off and a coupon for an extra 35% off  that price.

The $30 picture was $9.75.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Throwing last minute party at home

The quickest, easiest and most stress free way to throw a party for the women's group at church.
The night before the party:
  • Sweep and steam mop the kitchen and livingroom floor
  • Clean dining room table, find a simple centerpiece, and put kitchen towels out for the pot luck dishes that will be arriving
  • Clean off a spot for everyone's bag and coat. My spot is the back stairs.
  • Find the same scent candle and station a few around the house, my favorite... marshmallow fireside
  • That is it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Target Beauty Box: my first one

This is whats new with me....
Target has a beauty box (order here), and its $7.
This was my first one, and I LOVE it.
I can not believe there is SO much in this box!
A full size Loreal  mascara!  A full size Revlon Lipstick! A full size Covergirl eyeshadow quad! A full size chap stick!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Bath and Body Works candle sale: the damage

So, who doesn't know that every year I wait for the once a year $8 candle sale at Bath and Body Works? and I pair it with a coupon? and I really stock up?

This year...

$5.84 a candle.

The absolute cheapest I've ever found the Bath and Body Works candle.

I would have liked to have stocked up more, but for the first time in sale history, I didn't get to the store until after 7 PM and it was almost completely sold out! Seriously! Almost all gone!

I felt lucky to get 9 and almost danced in the store to find two of my favorite.... Marshmallow Fireside.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My favorite smoothie in the Nutri-Ninja

I was really on the fence about the nutria-ninja. I've been using a blender to make my favorite smoothies, so why do I really need a little smoothie machine?

I've used it three times in the last five days and feel like I can knowledgeably  review.

Definitely, a good purchase.  Smoothies have never come from my kitchen so smooth, creamy and well blended.

I feel like I'm having a smoothie from a fancy smoothie place and not in my own kitchen.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas shopping deals I am watching

Bath and Body Works will have a specific sale each day until Christmas. There is only one day a year that they put the 3 wick candles  on sale for the lowest price of the year. Its coming.  Start looking.

Twice a year, Ulta has  a 20% off coupon that works on absolutely everything they sell (there usual coupons do not apply to high end makeup). Its going on now until Christmas Eve. Google and find yourself a coupon.

Julep has a daily deal/sale, they call it the 12 days of gifting.

Looking for a nice bag or wallet? Dooney & Bourke has 12 days of Dooney,  a new sale every day.

I get a lot of work clothes from the limited  and they now have 6 days of gifting, with different sales each day.

Monday, December 8, 2014

sephora haul


In my defense....

I had a coupon and I have been waiting for a sale or coupon to try the Sephora nail polish X system, and I already know I love Josie Maran Argan oil, and needed more, and the makeup forever was my birthday present from the Sephora club.

So.... Its not as bad as it seems..... so I keep telling myself.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Makeup organization in my bathroom


This is where the new organizational trays from Wal-Mart were put to use, holding makeup in one of the bathroom drawers. Three large drawers and two small ones fit in perfectly. They were $3.97 each.

Most of these glass containers sitting in another drawer are either toothbrush holders or empty candles jars.  Most are cut glass and look like crystal and were pretty enough to sit on the counter, but made the countertop too cluttered. Playing around with them, I accidentally found they sit in this drawer perfectly and  now that is where they live, separating various makeup things.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

walmart haul

Its been quite a while since I ran through Wal-Mart on my lunch hour and just threw interesting things in the buggy. Its been such a grey week, and I've been suffering with a sinus infection, and it was just a good week to treat myself to a random Wal-Mart run. 

By far, the very best deal was the Better Home and Garden's set of metal mixing bowls (with lids!), a set of  measuring cups, and measuring spoons and a one year subscription to the magazine.... all for $10.

Have you tried the Medijool Dates? They are delicious. Seriously. Like eating candy, and so nutritious.  I put them in smoothies as a sweetener, and sometimes eat one as dessert.

The heated feet mattress pad is a white elephant Christmas gift for the office.

This will be my official Christmas 2014 color.... Deep Fig, from one of my favorite nail polish, Sally Hansen Gel Polish (review here).

Some not so exciting things, drawer organizers for makeup in the bathroom, my favorite juice, and  Better Home and Garden Candles. The best cheap candle I have found.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ipsy vs. Birchbox: November

Winner?  Again. Cant pick.

Instead, the things I was most excited to see:

  • "When Life gives you lemons and you've misplaced your happy place" bubble bath. The name alone made me love it.  It smells like lemons but the bubbles didn't last long.
  • Cindy-Lou manizer. I haven't come to an opinion yet. I'm still trying it out, but I've been wanting to try it and  happy to do in Birchbox.
  • Bye Bye Undereye by It Cosmetics. This is my current favorite concealer, so I already knew I love it.
  • Bombshell eye shadow:  My favorite color for eyeshadow, a light simmery brown. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

A few things Im loving in November

This nail polish organizational rack from Amazon. Its a little ridiculous how happy it makes me.

Fage Greek Yogurt. I like it plain and eat it with berries and almonds or put it in smoothies.

Loreal facial oil. I use it on my fingernails too. Its not cheap but its half price of my favorite argan oil and still works.

Candles from Better Homes and Garden.  Bath and Body Works candles are my favorite, but even with a sale and a coupon, the cheapest I've ever found them is $8.50.  These are $6 at Walmart. And they are made in the USA. Best cheapest candle there is, and I've tried a lot to come to this conclusion.