Monday, February 29, 2016


just when did this happen?

a few memories ago i was 8 and taking school pictures with the little butterfly pin my grandma pinned to my collar,  then i was 23 eating lunch everyday at the grill in the student union at UNLV, and then i was 28 and my feet hurt and letting my two aunts straighten out the damp one dollar bills hastily shoved in my pockets after a waitress shift when they were visiting, then i was 33 crying in the car during the bar exam, and then i was 38 picking out flooring for my first house. and now i am here.

here. at 47.

the first day i was 47, the alarm rang at 7a and although i love the early morning, i do not love to get up. it takes a while to get dressed and going.

i opened my first gift that was waiting for me: two gifts cards from starbucks and bath and body works. both perfect shopping spots for me.

i met my best friend for an early breakfast at a very crowded waffle house. and because we both dont like waffle house coffee,  we went to starbucks and sat in the crowded space and enjoyed better coffee (flat white), and we kicked ourselves and wished we would have gone to the local coffee shop in the old house in the antique village instead of the starbucks in the little strip mall. because, the times are numbered that you just get to sit and have coffee and you have to take advantage of it.

then I found bouquet number one.  unexpected flowers greeting me at the front door. maybe the loveliest thing ever to come home and find.  i was a little teary-eyed. they are currently living in my breakfast nook.

then i vowed to be productive, rounded up all the brushes, cleaned them with hot water, turned classic rock (103.3) on loud and got back to my recent hangout, the ladder.  determined to finish this long painting job in the bathroom.

then my oldest sister stopped by to comment on the bathroom progress, my rose beds and blanche, and to give me another gift, a book that all my friends are reading, written by a girl i went to school with and written about the small town we grew up in, the feathered bone. and it was autographed. i love it.

then back to painting.

then a friend i hadn't seen in two years paid a surprise visit and i stopped to eat chicken pot pie as a late lunch sitting in the sunshine in a rocking chair on the front porch.

then arranged a different friend and her truck to take a little trip in the not so nice part of town ... it was deep in the 'hood.... to pick up a raised garden bed i had bought for $10 from a yard sale the day before.

then i found bouquet number two at the back door. more surprise flowers. no teary eyes on this one, just jubilation and confirmation surprise flowers are the best to come home and find. they are currently living in my living room.

then a really great dinner and happy birthday apple pie with ice cream that was swimming in butter and soooo good. and here we are.

at 47.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Projects

Welcome to the yard Abraham Darby  (which was not even on my list and a last minute surprise choice), and with your arrival the rose bed is done. 

In master bath news, both ladders are still up, both me and the dog have paint in our hair, I've returned to work exhausted and the general state of total disarray continues.

One day its going to be a fully painted bathroom, with curtains up and new fresh rugs in place and clean and orderly.

Until then, its not.

Until then, I have a week of planning and plotting my next weekend accomplishments.



Monday, February 8, 2016

weekend projects

I had big plans but somehow ended up spending Saturday in my PJs, doing laundry and live streaming the If Gathering 2016 in Austin Texas in my breakfast nook.

On the short list of things I never thought I'd say,  the war on wallpaper is over and Sunday, I went to Home Depot to get sheetrock mud, which my new plans include having it finished this week.

Then, I finished the rose bed, tucked two new roses in under the pine straw and anxiously awaited the arrival of their English cousin, which will arrive by way of Lafayette, La.  I've got my heart set on an apricot one and my finger's crossed it will be this one, but I'll be just as happy with this my second choice.

I say finished the rose bed a little too confidently, because after thinking about it all night, I think I planted Mr. Lincoln too deep and I now plan to dig him up and re-position.  He's only been tucked in for 24 hours, so the shock should not be too great.

There is a long list of things I did not do this weekend, but I did manage to wear myself out  and washed the dog, changed the sheets, cleaned the kitchen, wrapped birthday gifts, made a fire, cut down a little tree and dragged it to the street, made jambalaya, watered the Camilla and begged it to bloom and generally returned to work on Monday exhausted.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Projects

The plan for making quarterly goals instead of yearly goals is still making a lot of sense to me. I've still got a whirlwind of things to do in my head but I'm basically forcing myself to not think about that and instead focus on getting two (and only two) things done right now .... the master bathroom  done and getting a rose bed in.

Me and the pink steamer were on the ladder again this weekend.   The bathroom wallpaper and the left over glue is finally off.  All of it! Finally off! It took a long long time. I'll celebrate this week by getting dry wall mud up.

The rose bed got a little attention too in the form of fresh soil, spread and ready for some pine straw and some  English Roses.

Doesn't seem like much, but I'm happy that both areas had attention this weekend. It was a busy busy week at work, and having week of house guests and revival at church four late nights in a row and I wanted to just lay on the couch all weekend, but did not. I wasn't sure I'd get much of anything done this weekend, but its moving (ever so slowly) forward.
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