Monday, February 8, 2016

weekend projects

I had big plans but somehow ended up spending Saturday in my PJs, doing laundry and live streaming the If Gathering 2016 in Austin Texas in my breakfast nook.

On the short list of things I never thought I'd say,  the war on wallpaper is over and Sunday, I went to Home Depot to get sheetrock mud, which my new plans include having it finished this week.

Then, I finished the rose bed, tucked two new roses in under the pine straw and anxiously awaited the arrival of their English cousin, which will arrive by way of Lafayette, La.  I've got my heart set on an apricot one and my finger's crossed it will be this one, but I'll be just as happy with this my second choice.

I say finished the rose bed a little too confidently, because after thinking about it all night, I think I planted Mr. Lincoln too deep and I now plan to dig him up and re-position.  He's only been tucked in for 24 hours, so the shock should not be too great.

There is a long list of things I did not do this weekend, but I did manage to wear myself out  and washed the dog, changed the sheets, cleaned the kitchen, wrapped birthday gifts, made a fire, cut down a little tree and dragged it to the street, made jambalaya, watered the Camilla and begged it to bloom and generally returned to work on Monday exhausted.

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