Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nature box: October

  • Cashew Clusters. I specifically asked for this one to  be included in my box because it is my favorite.
  • Pistachio Cluster. I also asked for this one, and it is my second favorite.
  • Dried Fuji apples. I asked for this one too because I've got a problem with dried apples, and by problem I mean, I eat the whole bag at once... probably not best idea.
  • Taj Mahal Snack Mix: "curry flavored seeds, nuts and dried fruits" . This was a surprise and its... OK.... not my favorite.  Its new and different. I do occasionally eat a handful. I wont ask for this one again.
  • PB and J granola. Another surprise and my least favorite in the box, but then I am not a granola fan. I love PB and J, and this is .... just OK.... I definitely will not ask for this again. I rarely reach for it. Very sweet.  In fact, I contacted Nature Box and said I didn't like it and they are replacing in my next box with something new.
Are you getting  Nature Box? If you want an "invitation", leave me your email address and you'll be "invited" by Nature Box to try one box free.

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