Friday, October 31, 2014

A few things I'm loving right now: October

  • Revlon lip butters, particular number 030 in "Fig Jam". It was highly recommended by Jen (here). The color of the package is deceiving, its not as brown as it makes you think it will be. It looked good on her, so I gave it a go. I love them even more because I stumbled on sale at Walgreens. $3.99 with Walgreen card and a $3 coupon prints with the receipt so the next one is $.99.
  • Tarte BB cream and concealer with brush. Its a re-discovered favorite I  started using again. I get more compliments when I'm wearing this than any other makeup. Its light but has a good coverage.
  • Low sugar kind bars. delicious! They come in a box of 4 at Walmart for $5 a box.
  • Maybelline Expert Eyes eye makeup remover for waterproof mascara. This is perhaps my best late night impulse buy. I haven't seen reviews, just saw it and grabbed it. There is a multitude of reasons I like this, its only $4.99. Its gentle, its thick, it has no smell, its oil based so its conditioning, it takes off everything.... and I mean everything.... quick. I think its (almost) as good as my favorite, but its 1/6 the price. 

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  1. this makes me want to try all these products!