Monday, March 27, 2017

Target Haul: or alternatively title: How I spent $90 in 20 minutes in Target

My biggest problem is Target.... ugh! I got to stay out of Target.

Black and Decker cordless power screwdriver
I bought some glass door knobs for the inside doors and I am dying to see how they look!  But they are just sitting there, waiting for the contractor, who has been ignoring them. I'm sure door knobs are not the very top of his priority list, and they probably shouldn't be on mine either. My plan was to help him by getting them in. Have I ever put in a door knob before? Ha.  Ha. Getting the electric screwdriver is my first step. This is obviously going to be a long multi-step process.

Extra fine point Sharpies
I want these at work and asked my Secretary to order extra fine  Sharpies, but she keeps handing me boxes of fine sharpies and finally said, if a finer one exists, she cant find it. I knew I could find the extra fine ones at Target, and here they are.

Essie Love, Color and Treat nail polish
This is new and I was sucked in. I haven't seen any reviews on it, just the advertisement in magazines which was enough to sway me.  They say you can tell a lot about a woman's emotional state by the way she takes care of her nails. Clearly I am fine. In color Laven-clearly.

Burt Bees Peppermint Body wash
My motto is  let me buy anything to make me excited to get up when the alarm rings and jump in the shower. So far, my plan of trying all the appealing body washes .... not working.  This is my latest attempt.

Pure juice is expensive, but living upstairs  I'm not eating many fresh veggies or healthy anything, and feeling like I need some help in the nutrition department. And I've been sick! This is where the fresh juice comes in. The ones with nothing but pureed fruit and veggies. This bottle has 3 1/2 apples and 22 blueberries, oranges and carrots pureed into it, among other things. So how can you not feel better when your consuming this?

Elf Flawless Foundation
This is another you-tube made me buy it product, (here) and I have to admit, its really good, and its $6, and because I'm just that shallow, the packaging (heavy glass bottle with a pump) makes me happy too.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
I am on the hunt. I cant find a really great concealer that I really love. This one is ok, but... the hunt will go on.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The annual LSU Library book sale. I stumbled across it yeeeaaaarrrs ago and I've been going faithfully every March.
Some of my favorite books have come from rooting around on the overflowing tables. Its a lot to go through and I have never visited all the categories in all the different places they are set up, even though I keep saying I want to.  

This is the most I've ever spent here, $36. But I got 12 books. I don't think I've ever bought more than 4 in the past! But I had a good reason.

I was specifically looking for cookbooks since I lost every. single. one.  in the flood. I mean every last one of them. 

Aunts, who are no longer here, had given me some cookbooks that I found and replaced (Cake Doctor, Pots, Pans and Pioneers), and I found a couple of the older cookbooks I had collected (Nestle Toll House cookbook from 1980).

They have such great books, you just can not pass them up.

I'm already looking forward to next year.

Monday, March 6, 2017

5 days in Vermont

I left New Orleans while the City was just waking up.

I camped out in front of the fireplace, a lot.

Vermont has more than 100 historic covered bridges, more than any other state. I had plans to visit quite a few of them, but because they are mostly located on the side of a mountain, on a dirt road, covered in mud and ice and its hard to get to them in a rental car.....
I visited four of the historic bridges

Of course, I played in the snow.

Who knew that Vermont was such a foodie place? Everything was delicious.
I visited a cheese factory (mmmm..... Alpine Cheddar is my favorite....) 
an apple cider mill (probably my favorite shop/factory to tour... cold apple cider and hot apple donuts. The entire operation smelled heavenly. Its the top producing mill in New England and still made with machines built in the 1920s and it is DELICIOUS. They feed the apple scraps to the pigs then make apple bacon!)
and Ben & Jerry's  which was delicious, but surprisingly small and cramped (and crowded).
I also visited a glass blowing studio and watched glass being made, brought back a dark blue hand made candle holder for my new bathroom (that is being built), had to baby it and carry it in my purse for the trip home. We both made it in one piece.  

Vermont is very rural, and there are a lot of small little towns. I wondered around the little towns and braved icy paths. The air is so fresh and clean.
Every little town has a white church with a steeple. This one was in Stowe.  

Did some shopping at the General Store.

The coldest day I saw, visited the State Capitol in Montpelier. It was about 20 degrees. Vermont was the first state after the original 13 colonies. 

Home. Back to reality.