Monday, August 31, 2015

I recommend


These Clorox dust wipes work. I was really impressed at how well they dust and leave all wood surfaces shiny.
I was suspicious and frankly only bought them because I had a great coupon, $1.25 off. They were $2.66 at Walmart, so I paid $1.41 for them, and happily went on my way thinking what a great deal I found and what a great bargain shopper I am.
But then I saw they were on sale at Target for $1.35! That's the deal I wanted to use the coupon for!  But it looks like the coupon is now gone.
That is low enough to try even without a coupon, and they really do work well.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another little glimpse of the guest room refresh

The $2 pale blue pillow shams are feeling at home.

The rest of the guest room refresh, as I have started calling it,  has been in a serious hold pattern and had to take a back seat to everyday life. The big trial at work that has me going in every single Saturday, the AC that went out in the master bedroom that had me sleeping in the guest room for 4 nights (its is now fixed and turned out to be very minor), the house alarms in the middle of the night and police knocking on the door......... just life in general has taken my attention away from the refreshing. Then next week I'll be in California for this conference..... thus refreshing is in the back seat.

I did go to both Walmart then Tuesday Morning to get a bed skirt but couldn't decide on ivory with lace or white with box pleats. The one at Walmart was $15 and the much nicer one at Tuesday Morning was $16.  I've now decided when I find time to make it over there, it'll be the box pleats white one from Tuesday Morning.

Still keeping a small budget in mind, I also looked around the house for  something to hang over the dresser, but haven't narrowed that down yet either.  My plan is to have some progress to report sooner rather than later.

Monday, August 17, 2015

A few things I'm loving right now in August

I LOVE this candle.  It is such a nice scent and very nicely packaged.  A large candle and a heavy glass jar. I will definitely keep this jar and reuse. I love it even more since I got it at TJ Maxx (where else?) for $5.99. I plan to go look for more scents.

My favorite self tanner. This is the most natural looking one I've ever tried, and easy to apply. Its just a little color. These tan towels are expensive.  The best price I've found is at HSN. But I usually buy the small pack at Ulta with the $3.50 coupon you can always find for Ulta. I use the cheaper Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer to make it last longer. You honestly can't tell its a fake tan. Its not bronze, its just a little color.

Not so exciting, but when you need to kill fleas in the house and you don't want to use chemicals. This is the best thing ever. 
Swiffer Sweeper. Am I the last person on the planet to get one? Probably. I use both the dry and the wet ones and I love them.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A little glimpse of the guest room

Continuing on with my 2015 goals and house projects  

I'm not doing enough to say the guest room is being re-decorated,  I think of it as a little guest room refreshing. I am trying to do everything really cheap.

 I never liked this switch plate, a $3 can of  white spray paint made me like it a little better.


New bedspread from TJ Maxx. Its a light summer quilt. It was $39. The $2 light blue pillow shams from the yard sale coordinate really well and may be one of the best purchases I have made in quite a while. They are very nice shams. The blue sheers were moved around from another room.
I am now on the lookout for a rug, a bed skirt,  a small end table and two matching lamps. I also need something for one wall above a dresser, but I'm sure I will find something to move around in the house for that spot.
I went looking at TJ Maxx this weekend, but nothing jumped out at me. I'm going to visit a larger TJ a few miles from me, and look for a yard sale again next weekend.  But, I get impatient and want the room to be pulled together, but still want the thrill of pulling it together really cheap.  And honestly, the really cheap part is just as much fun as the refreshing the room part. I do love the hunt.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Early Saturday morning hitting some yard sales, one of my favorite things to do. Today's haul:

Louis Vuitton messenger bag: $10
I had mixed feelings about this. I knew it was a fake, and I generally steer clear of fake brand names, but in this case, I know I will never never never buy this real bag  and I talked myself into it.  I do need/want  a computer bag for work  Even being a fake, when I get tired of it, I can sell it for at least what I paid for it. 

two pillow shams $2
The prettiest light blue color for my guest room I'm in the process of somewhat re-decorating and just freshening up. I just got a new comforter set at TJ Maxx, and this light blue will fit right in.

wire basket $.50
I'm putting it in the pantry to hold assorted protein and  granola bars

small room air purifier $5
this one.  These things are expensive. I just bought a large one and it was brand new. I couldn't resist the cheap little one for another room.

disposable lasagna pan with plastic lid $.25
I buy these whenever I see them and use for the food ministry at church. In fact, this one is already being called into service tomorrow and will be holding transporting, and cooking a chicken pot pie

crystal vase $5
I've really gotten into nice vases, but I'm not into the price for a nice vase. I mean, really.  This one is heavy crystal and I don't have this style, small round for roses.  Certainly worth $5 in my book.

4 metal hangers $.25 for all
I use these to hang hummingbird feeders from tree branches in the back yard, or hang flower baskets from the porch roof. I was planning to pay $.25 each for these, but when the lady said $.25 for all, I didn't argue

8 matching plastic dessert plates $1 for all
I'm on the lookout for plastic plates and napkins on deep discount because I like to keep them in stock for lunch gatherings (I just bought 8 packs of  watermelon summer theme paper plates on clearance for $.64).  These plastic ones were pretty cute, all match and too cheap to pass up. This was the same place that had the metal hangers. These plates originally said $5 for the set but was marked down to $3. I got them all for $1.

John Tesh book $1

Silver tray with handles $1
I plan to do this with it

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