Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2015 Goal planning: mid-year assessment of house projects

Mid-year check in. I'm just as surprised as everyone else. How can it be June? How? How? Lara Casey's method of slowly plotting and planning and figuring out what to focus on for the new year includes a mid year goal check in.  Here is my original 2015 plans.

I don't have dreams, I have plans. Quote about dreams and goals. Make it happen.


The first half of the year was a wild success in the house projects area of life.   I still have a lot to do but so far, I (reluctantly and unexpectedly)  invested in a really nice vacuum (this one) and a chain saw. I gave a lot of attention to cleaning and organizing closets in the living room and the entry way, makeup in bathroom (here) and some gardening projects (tomato plant, cleaning up some flower beds, rooting hydrangeas from a cutting; herb garden in kitchen window, and African violets in bathroom window).

The biggest purchase for the first 6 months was to fill a sad and empty kitchen space with a buffet here and I love it  and  ....

My greatest success......

the major goal of parking in the garage before winter happened in MAY!  Thanks to a lot of help with cleaning the garage, a HUGE garage sale (recap here), a  door repair and my car is now living in the garage.  I am super excited.  Seriously. I am so excited.

I realize it doesn't sound like much but I feel it was a pretty productive first half of the year. So many little things on my mind that I hope to focus on in the second half of 2015....

remove wallpaper in master bathroom and paint (I have just about talked myself into hiring someone to do this because it is not getting done on my own)

put up curtain rod and curtains up in masterbath

paint the inside of the master bathroom cabinets white

paint the inside of the upstairs bathroom cabinets white

new shower curtain and rug for upstairs bathroom

guest room completely put together and in a constant state of
readiness for guests (this is SO close)

fireplace repaired and one cord of wood in place for cold weather (saving for it now, this will definitely be done by winter, unless the money is diverted to pay someone to paint bathroom...)

kitchen table (I found one  serious contender for $400 but I've really got my heart set on an antique table for about $100. I havn't actually found any antique tables for about $100, but I have hope they are out there.  but I'm kind of getting use to using the very small round end table that I'm using  in the kitchen now (below). Its awful small but its  grown on me and kind of cozy)


  1. So Happy for you that your Garage is in working order ! ENJOY !

  2. It's good to hear that there are people who stick to goals and accomplish them. Great job!