Monday, June 1, 2015

Walmart Haul

NYC Cityproof 24 hour eye primer
I've heard several people on You-Tube rave about this eye primer (here is one). It was $2.77. I like that its in a stick form and its certainly cheap enough to give it a try.
Pantene All in One Styling Cream
I've made the decision to stop buying the salon products and go back to drug store brands (hopefully, this will be a painless way to save some money). This was my first purchase. I use to love Pantene and had a $2 off coupon for this.
Simple Cleansing Micellar Water
This was one of my favorite things in April  and its my second bottle of this, so clearly I like it. Its only $5.97 at Walmart, plus I had a $2 off coupon!
Ensure Active protein shake
This is a great protein shake to grab and go when I don't want to make one myself, and the chocolate flavor tastes pretty good, (but I don't care for the vanilla) But... its $8.97 for 4 small bottles.  Not cheap. I did find a $3 off coupon for signing up at the website here .
Vitafusion brand Vitamin D gummies
I have a serious vitamin D deficiency and my doctor just told me to double up on my vitamins D.  I've mentioned before I take the gummy vitamins and pretend their candy.  So now, after lunch, I'll be having 8 gummy bears.... I mean.... vitamins..... (double dose of D (4), vitamin C (2) and B complex (1) and multivitamin (1))

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