Monday, June 15, 2015

My first three months with Stitch Fix

Box Number One:




to get this first Stitch-Fix box. It was like getting a big Christmas gift, I was so excited. Very impressed with the packaging and everything nicely wrapped. 


I didn't buy anything, although I had lingering thoughts of the leopard print cardi and wished it would have worked. The dress was too short (I am extremely tall) and the skinny jeans were too tight, and everything else just did not quite work, but I was not too disappointed. Every one who has written about this service says it takes at least three boxes for your stylist to really figure out who you are, and I saw a lot of advice to give the system a few boxes before you  make any judgement as it will get better and better.

Box Number Two:

I forgot to take pictures of box number two! But, it was just as nicely wrapped and it had another dress that was too short (again, I'm tall!), and one top with arms that were too small and one top hit me at the wrong spot but I did buy one item that I really really love. This sleeveless top was the perfect length and weight. Its cool for summer, but also looks polished and put together. I would not have picked the color but after trying it on realized it matched everything in my closet.  I think that is one of the benefits of the service, trying the clothes on in your own house with your own lights and other clothes for comparison.

I have worn it alone with jeans, to work with a brown suit and a navy blue suit and under a coral cardi with a white skirt. It was $45.

Box Number three:

It could not have arrived on a better day. It was Friday and it was storming and I cant remember why I was having a bad day, but driving into my garage cheered me up a little and finding this little box on the front step made me even happier.  I immediately tried everything on, decided I didn't like anything at all and packaged it all back up, and carried on in my bad mood ...

until Saturday morning when I was crazy trying to find something cute to wear to a bridal shower I was hosting (hello! I'm hosting! I have to look especially cute! Why is everything cute not clean! Why can't I plan this better?!!)

That's when the box came out again, my mood was better, everything  got re-visited and three items worked perfectly.

I ended up wearing the maxi-dress from the box (and it was long enough! Someone finally realized I am tall!) and it really is very flattering. Its perfect color for me and long enough and fit just right. My general bad mood colored my judgment previously. I got a lot of compliments (including a stranger in Walmart). 

Maxi-dress was a big big hit.

The other item I kept was a dark blue dolmen sleeve top (similar to this but dark blue) and I think it looks excellent with skirts and a white jean but it might be more of a fall top than a summer one for my humid, suffociatingly hot South Louisiana days.  

I really  (really really really) wanted  the white crop jeans but I already have two pair of white jeans and these crops ones were the most expensive thing in the box! The most expensive thing!! I had to tell myself no. I could not in any way justify the purchase. So, they went back to Stitch Fix along with a really nice teal dress that was long enough but just too thin of a fabric and too figure hugging for me, and a black silk top that was OK, not just not my style, and I really did not think twice about sending back.

My three month verdict

I am keeping this service. I really enjoy it.  Right now, I have it once every other month, and I can see it can become expensive quick. So far,  I agree with what everyone else is saying that it takes a solid three boxes before you can make an opinion as it takes that long for your stylist to get to know you and you to get to know the service.

If you try it, here is a referral link where I get a credit and you get a discount.

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