Friday, June 12, 2015

Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

I am very disappointed.

The Bath and Body Works 75% off sale is typically where I  really stock up on my favorite candles. This year, the sale was dismal.

The highlight of the sale is my favorite candle, the 3 wick candle that is usually $22, is on clearance for $6.  But, this year there was a very small selection of three wick candles in fragrances I didn't want.  I have never seen one of their clearance sales with so few candles.   I know... I'm such a sad sack about this....

I ended up with 8 of the smaller ones (I already gave 2 away), usually $10 but on clearance for $2.50. And I also got a handful of the refills for plug ins, for half price, $3.50.  I have really gotten into lavender and Lilac fragrance lately and burn those candles in my bedroom a lot.  They say the fragrance is restful and relaxing. I don't know if its true or its just the power of suggestion. But in any event, my bedroom seems peaceful.

Now I'll start planning to stock up at the next BBW sale, a week or so before Christmas the 3 wick candles will be about $8 and even cheaper with a coupon.

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