Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A few things I loved in April

I am painfully sorry that I ever found these frozen chocolate croissants at Walmart. They are delightful. (here is a review) They do come with one catch.... you have to defrost for 8 hours before you bake them. This means I have to decide in the morning I am going to want one after dinner. Thanks goodness, or I would be baking one (or three)  every single night. I love them, they are delicious, and flaky and kind of small, so one doesn't make you feel too bad for eating it, and its shocking how fast I eat it. A package of 8 is about $4.
Multi-Grain Omega 3 bread from Costo. I have no rational explanation for this and don't know how to describe it. I know..... really.... whats so great about a package of store bought bread?!! You toast this bread, smoother it in butter, and it is honestly the best bread I have ever had. Its dense, and chewy and just delicious. I honestly look forward to toast in the morning. It comes in a package at Costco, two loaves for $6.  I split a package with someone at work. We are all just obsessed with it. 

Another Walmart find. $1.50 each. In the frozen vegetable aisle. Packages of frozen garlic, basil and onions in small ice cube trays that you pop out and put into whatever you want it in, and then keep the rest frozen. This is just genius, and it taste good and why didn't I think of this and become a millionaire ?!

Simple brand Micellar Water. Found at Walmart (Things we have learned in this post.... I spend too much time in Walmart) for about $6 (here). There is a lot of buzz on You-Tube. (here and here)  (More thing we have learned....I spent too much time watching You-tube) This wont take off heavy makeup, and I don't think it was made for that. I use it after cleaning off makeup and I'm surprised but there is always a little more makeup to take off. This just feels good and you don't have to rinse it off. It feels moisturizing and refreshing, not greasy. It does not sting (so that means there is no alcohol in it) and my skin is not tight after use. I've been getting a lot of compliments on my skin lately and some of the credit goes here.

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  1. Great reviews. Makes me want to try every single item.