Wednesday, May 13, 2015

things i regret buying

I admit that I am pretty adventurous at trying new things at Bath and Body Works, and grabbing something that is not my favorite is bound to happen, but it is kind of rare. Its a rare thing for me to find a candle I just do not like from Bath and Body Works, but this one is it. I just do not like this one. It smells like suntan lotion and just does nothing for me. I still burned it down, but was celebrating when it was all gone.

A few months ago I painted my bedroom closet and borrowed my neighbors air purifier so I could sleep without the paint smell. The white noise of that machine gave me the best sleep in my life. I was trying to duplicate it with this sound machine, but it is not even close to working. Sounds very artificial with a lot of static. At least I got to take this back for a refund. Bed, Bath and Beyond has a way of sucking me in with their unusual products, and it was only $20. I felt suckered with this one.

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