Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another little glimpse of the guest room refresh

The $2 pale blue pillow shams are feeling at home.

The rest of the guest room refresh, as I have started calling it,  has been in a serious hold pattern and had to take a back seat to everyday life. The big trial at work that has me going in every single Saturday, the AC that went out in the master bedroom that had me sleeping in the guest room for 4 nights (its is now fixed and turned out to be very minor), the house alarms in the middle of the night and police knocking on the door......... just life in general has taken my attention away from the refreshing. Then next week I'll be in California for this conference..... thus refreshing is in the back seat.

I did go to both Walmart then Tuesday Morning to get a bed skirt but couldn't decide on ivory with lace or white with box pleats. The one at Walmart was $15 and the much nicer one at Tuesday Morning was $16.  I've now decided when I find time to make it over there, it'll be the box pleats white one from Tuesday Morning.

Still keeping a small budget in mind, I also looked around the house for  something to hang over the dresser, but haven't narrowed that down yet either.  My plan is to have some progress to report sooner rather than later.

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  1. What a Great Conference - - in Sunny California ! Enjoy the refreshing get-away!