Saturday, August 15, 2015


Early Saturday morning hitting some yard sales, one of my favorite things to do. Today's haul:

Louis Vuitton messenger bag: $10
I had mixed feelings about this. I knew it was a fake, and I generally steer clear of fake brand names, but in this case, I know I will never never never buy this real bag  and I talked myself into it.  I do need/want  a computer bag for work  Even being a fake, when I get tired of it, I can sell it for at least what I paid for it. 

two pillow shams $2
The prettiest light blue color for my guest room I'm in the process of somewhat re-decorating and just freshening up. I just got a new comforter set at TJ Maxx, and this light blue will fit right in.

wire basket $.50
I'm putting it in the pantry to hold assorted protein and  granola bars

small room air purifier $5
this one.  These things are expensive. I just bought a large one and it was brand new. I couldn't resist the cheap little one for another room.

disposable lasagna pan with plastic lid $.25
I buy these whenever I see them and use for the food ministry at church. In fact, this one is already being called into service tomorrow and will be holding transporting, and cooking a chicken pot pie

crystal vase $5
I've really gotten into nice vases, but I'm not into the price for a nice vase. I mean, really.  This one is heavy crystal and I don't have this style, small round for roses.  Certainly worth $5 in my book.

4 metal hangers $.25 for all
I use these to hang hummingbird feeders from tree branches in the back yard, or hang flower baskets from the porch roof. I was planning to pay $.25 each for these, but when the lady said $.25 for all, I didn't argue

8 matching plastic dessert plates $1 for all
I'm on the lookout for plastic plates and napkins on deep discount because I like to keep them in stock for lunch gatherings (I just bought 8 packs of  watermelon summer theme paper plates on clearance for $.64).  These plastic ones were pretty cute, all match and too cheap to pass up. This was the same place that had the metal hangers. These plates originally said $5 for the set but was marked down to $3. I got them all for $1.

John Tesh book $1

Silver tray with handles $1
I plan to do this with it

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  1. I love all of your finds. I cannot imagine anyone would pay $1200 for a messenger bag. But I know there are people out there with more money than sense. Yours will be perfect! Also love those dessert plates! And that silver tray to hold vases of flowers will be very chic!

  2. You go , girl! Some real deals, there. My fave is the hibiscus plates!
    Here from HomeMatters.