Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pinterest tested energy balls

Gosh, I've been making these for a long time.

A big box of Oatmeal doesn't stand much of a chance at my house. This requires three cups after all. Once you make these, a batch of oatmeal cookies for your brother in law and have a few cold mornings of it, the big canister you thought was going to last a while is looking pitifully empty.

Some things you should know:
  • There are recipes everywhere (like here), but you really do not need a recipe
  • You just throw together whatever you have
  • Sometimes I add sunflower seeds, sometimes I use almond butter and not peanut butter, I see someone used Nutella here.  There are just no rules
  • I store mine in the freezer and it makes them more chewy
  • If you spray your measuring cup with spray oil, it makes honey and peanut butter a lot easier to get out
  • Same thing with your hands. Spray your hands before you roll these into balls
  • If the balls arn't forming easily or staying together, just add a little more glue, a/k/a peanut butter

1 comment:

  1. Looks very Delicious ! I've ALWAYS been impressed with those Chefs that never need a Measuring Spoon or Measuring Cup !