Monday, January 5, 2015

A few things I'm loving right now: December

Despite being a big smoothie fan, I was hesitant to buy a special  machine. (My blender is fine! Is there really a difference?! Just one more appliance! Will I really use it? there are so many to choose from!) But the Nutra Ninja 1000 caught my eye and it was on Christmas sale and its the best purchase I've made in a long time. I never had such a smooth smoothie. I really love it.
Not gonna lie..... I'm not a big fan of Jergens... but I saw this commerical, and then saw it on sale at walmart for $2 a bottle, and could not resist trying it again. It is suprisingly thick and moisturizing, and now I really, really like it. As in, like it so much I'm buying it again.
Beef Jerky has become my go to snack. Its full of protien! I have a bag in the car, a bag in my desk, a bag at home....

Thats it.  I read about these bars, only two ingredients, all fruit and nothing else, and found one at Starbucks. I love them.


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