Wednesday, October 21, 2015

TJ Maxx haul (and how I used some things)

TJ Maxx.....latest damage.

Two pumpkin spice candles and one oakmoss sage.
$ 6.99 and $7.99. Two were birthday gifts, one was for me (the oakmoss sage one was quickly called into use). I've come to accept that TJ is the best place to find expensive and seasonal candles cheap. I bought one for myself, but (sorry Bath and Body Works) I am a big fan of the DW home candle. I am also a fan of the price, (they are usually expensive)  

Three pumpkin spice soaps
$3.99 each. Again, two presents and one for me. (see how this works?) Along with great candles, TJ is the best for nice soap. I am a big fan.

Large gift bag
$1.99 on clearance.

White cake patter
$9.99. For use in the bathroom, of course. For wrangling the growing multitude of soap, face wash, shaving cream and the like at the side of the tub.

Nude bra
I lost my nice expensive one on this California trip. Its a long story that involves being sucked under by strong waves at Laguna Beach, drowning my I-phone and walking around all day in totally wet and smelly clothes with sand everywhere. I couldn't stomach spending a lot for another one right now. This $14.99 one does the trick.

Michael Kors sunglasses
On my list of nice things I want to own but wont pay a lot for are sunglasses. These were $12.99.

Insulated lunch bag
Free. I stumbled into a free brunch party at the store and these were being offered, which I gladly accepted with an apple, a banana, a water and a yogurt.


  1. The waves at Laguna beach sucked your bra off? Girl, be careful.

  2. Bra thrown out after walking around all day with salt water and sand in it