Wednesday, April 13, 2016

small Masterbath projects

 first quarter goals provided quite a bit of weekend projects. All the major things in the bathroom are out of the way and the rosebed is done. Still need  want a new shower curtain, full length mirror, sink fixtures and pictures for the walls....
After the torture of wallpaper and painting was out of the way, these are a few of the more fun things....

My original plan was to throw out the gold fixtures and update with bronze ones. That was until I saw the toilet paper holder was $25.00. (!!) The new plan was buying $8.00 can of spray paint and painting everything bronze. It worked!

Instead of taping notes and things to the inside of the bathroom cabinet door, I glued some corkboard and made my own little message center. (I used hair clips to hold it in place while it dried). I've got the same thing on some of my kitchen cabinets. 

I already had the curtain rod and brackets (bought one too many from JC Penny when I first moved in the house) and curtains (from TJ Maxx). I had to buy one more set of brackets at Walmart. So for a total of $9.88,  and what I already had lying around the house, I now have bathroom curtains up. I love them.
I also love the new rug. I chose the lighter bathroom wall color to coordinate with the darker bedroom color and wanted to find a rug that coordinated but not matched perfectly with the rug in the bedroom. This is the rug in the bedroom (and the same color walls.)

A new laundry basket from Target. Its wire so I can put damp towels in it without too much thought and it was $16.99
A clock on sale from Target for $8.00 sits on a narrow wall near the window. I don't want to be a clock watcher every morning so I found a spot that is out of the way but still clear enough to glance at each morning when getting dressed.


  1. The new bathroom look is great! Thanks for all the ideas we gained - spray paint, cork, etc.

  2. I love your bronze paint idea! Also - corkboard on the inside of the cabinet doors - GENIUS! Thank you for sharing - I always love to come visit your site!

  3. Towels in a wire basket - now why haven't I thought of that before?! They get stinky in my closet.

    Spray paint is the best! I have a few cans of it waiting for me too.

    So glad to have you with us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. :)

  4. Great finds and thank you for sharing the joys of what a can of spray paint can do.
    I need to repaint my wrought iron outdoor table and chairs!
    Thanks too for sharing this gem with us at TOHOT!