Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Things I regret buying

Palmolive Tropical Tango
what was I thinking? Palmolive is my favorite of the grocery store variety and Mrs. Myers is my favorite of the slightly more expensive variety, but this one was not even close to Palmolive. It was bright pink and watery and did almost nothing and the bottle went so fast! I cant get back to my thick green original Palmolive fast enough.  This was $1 at the dollar store, but with coupons, I can easily find the original one for even less. I'm sorry I even tried this one. ick.
Cetaphil makeup remover
It did nothing for me. It barely took off the makeup and I always had to use something else behind it. I kept it only for emergencies when I ran out of other makeup remover, but thank goodness it is empty now. I wont be repurchasing it. 
Trader Joe's Taco Seasoning
The only taco seasoning they have in the entire store. So I was already put off by the lack of selection. But nonetheless, had to have it for whatever recipe I was tinkering with. I didn't like it. Its spicy and has a distinct smoky taste. I just do not like it.
Nourish Organic Face Cleaner 
At least I didn't buy this one. It came in a sample box. Similar to the Cetaphil, it did almost nothing and I was so displeased, I threw it away before it was empty.

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