Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Daybook, Wednesday April 26, 2016

Outside my window:
This must be what Spring is like, Its not hot! Hurrah! Each day is pretty mild with a cool breeze in the morning and evening and a little rain. I know its not going to last much longer.

I am:
Recuperating. In the last three weeks, I've had dental surgery and bronchitis, three different antibiotics, two cough medicines, two pain medicines and an asthma inhaler. It has zapped my strength. I am typically asleep on the couch at 8:30 every night and I am ready to be completely over this and get back to my regular every day not sick life.

I am planning:
Second quarter goals. Slowly starting to put up curtain rods in the living room and most of the stuff for the vegetable garden. I now just need to actually start. 

I am Listening to:
"Think like a success. Act like a success", an audiobook by Steve Harvey. I love it. Christian with scriptures included.

I am watching:
The buds in the rose bed. All have made beautiful flowers. Abraham Lincoln was the first to bloom, followed by Abraham Darby and Gold Cup.  Now, all three have small buds again.

I am watching (part two )
Outlander. I said I wasn't going to watch this season. Its ridiculous how hooked on this show I get, but the season premier came on and what did I do? That's right and now I'm hooked again.

I am reading:
Stepping up Bible study by Beth Moore with the women's ministry at church and Kay Arthur's study on Ruth with the older ladies at church. I usually pick one or the other group and I try to avoid doing two studies at once, but ... I didn't want to sit out on either of these. Its been a lot of work.

I am cooking:
Not much cooking has been going on in my house lately, other than breakfast smoothies. I did just get this bread machine and I plan to have fresh bread soon. I also bought a share of the summer season at the Community Supported Agriculture farm, so I'll have to start cooking soon.

I am irritated:
at the blue jays in the yard. They have suddenly become very territorial and dive bomb the dog when she goes outside. Thus far they haven't touched her and the poor thing, she doesn't know enough to know she is being attacked. She is an old thing and just going about her business.  But it is obvious to me and this is her house for crying out loud!  Blue Jays are so aggravating to the point that I have stood outside and told them out loud that their behavior will stop.  I bet they have made a nest nearby.   

I am looking forward to:
 My Stitch Fix! Its suppose to arrive on Friday. it is so nice to find a little surprise at my door after a long week.  I haven't been talking about it much, but I still get the boxes almost every month, and I love them.  I keep at least one item from every box and sometimes, two or three. Its true what they say, the longer you get the boxes the more they get to know you and send you things you like and want, and the pieces build on themselves, in that they match from past boxes.   I do find the pieces to be a little bit pricey- but I also think it balances out when you think of the time, energy, gas money going all over town or the shipping charges ordering something... 

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