Monday, March 14, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook: Monday March 14

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Outside my window:
Its not Winter. Its not Spring. Its that strange in between time where there are a few sunny and cool days and a few warm, grey and humid days and it rains a lot (and it floods). 

I am:
Discombobulated due to the time change. Its nice in the sunny afternoons after work but its not so nice in the dark mornings before work.

I am planning:
to clean the fireplace. I have accepted the fact that my dreams of sitting in front of a roaring fire are over. The fireplace is out of use until sometime in November. It was nice while it lasted, but it didn't last long. 

I am Listening to:
An audiobook, In the Sanctuary of Outcasts By Neil White. Its fascinating. Its about a man who served a one year prison sentence in a federal prison in Carville, Louisiana (about 45 minutes from me) that also houses the only leper colony in the United States. It was established in 1894.

I am watching:
Anxiously awaiting Dancing with the Stars next week.

I am watching (part two )
The rosebed.   Abraham Lincoln has one small bud and Abraham Darby has four tiny buds.  I'm not the only one watching the rosebed. I found a snake sunning himself in it last weekend.

I am watching (part three)
For the UPS man.... I ordered a rug for the bathroom and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I am kind of ready to be done with this bathroom re-do.

I am cooking:
made Vegan no bake Apricot Bars this weekend, and chicken cheese enchiladas and this breakfast smoothie almost every morning.

I am planning:
My second quarter goals. I've decided I'll be focused on the living room and making a vegetable garden. I'll also probably get the front porch put together since I already started by re-painting the front door and, of course, the shutters are next. I'm looking at putting curtains in the living room and that includes  making my own curtain rod. I'm tiring myself out just planning all this.

I am looking forward to:
Completely totally and finally finishing the bathroom! Just a few more tweaks here and there and I will be done.

I am looking forward to, part two:
Priscilla Shirer simulcast in April. My church is deciding if we will host a simulcast. If not, I'll be in my jammies all day streaming it in the breakfast nook.

I am looking forward to, part three:
Cancelling cable TV and saving myself some money. There are so many other options. I am thinking of going with sling. Ever tried it?

I am reading:
Just finished What comes next and how to like it.(Did not like it....) and in the middle of a Bible Study at church, The Armor of God 

"It always seems impossible until its done"


  1. Sounds like you have open the door to "Spring-Time".

  2. Loved your quote, need to remind myself of this. Loved visiting your blog.