Friday, March 18, 2016

sephora monthly box

Two more months of Sephora Monthly boxes and I am still in love.  This is, hands down, the best subscription box I get.

My favorite things from the January and February boxes:

Lancolm eye pencil in black. Its so creamy, and dark and long wearing. Its my now favorite black eyeliner. I will go buy this when this one has lived its full life.

Clinque Chubby Highligher Stick  I was just really excited to try this and I like the chubby stick form of the highlighter.  Its not the best highlighter I have (we all know I love the highlighters...) but I think its a good one. I probably wont buy this one.

Bare Mineral Pop of Passion lip balm I like that this is just like chap stick but with real color. Its easy to put on, it has a great pop of natural color, and it is moisturizing. I use it throughout the day. But it does not have much staying power. I probably wont buy one.

Sephora eye mask I've used Sephora paper masks before and I love them. I was excited to try the eye mask. It was a little clumsy to make it fit in the eye area and not get in my eye, but I will definitely buy more of them. I love them.

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