Wednesday, April 8, 2015

veggie lasanga: Pinterest tested

An unexpected side effect of getting a community fruit/veggie box each week is having veggies pile up and looking specifically for recipes that use a lot of veggies at one time.

Because, more than once, I've had a fridge full and not sure what to do with them all.

This week's answer was Vegetable Lasagna!

I found several recipes on Pinterest but kind of went with my instincts and sautéed all the vegetables I had in the house and added Italian seasoning.

I also relied on a very old memory of eating a great deal of vegetable lasagna at the employee cafeteria when I was a 20 year old casino waitress (the very reason I bought this polish). The meals were free but the choices were limited. Every day there was vegetable lasagna or one other hot dish to chose from. For three plus years, I ate vegetable lasagna at least four days a week. Its taken me a long long time to think about vegetable lasagna again.

A few things I did wrong:

  • Instead of  making my own white sauce, I used an already prepared Alfredo (I like Rana), but discovered it  did not need it and should have been skipped. It made the lasagna very rich.
  • I cooked the veggies too long and they were a little mushy.
  • I wish I would have put it in small casserole dishes to bake fresh instead of baking one big batch and re-heating leftovers.
A few things I did right:
  • I used wheat pasta and it was sturdier than regular pasta and held up well.
  • I used a lot of cheese, which acted like delicious glue holding it all together. 

Will I make it again? I certainly will as soon as the veggies start stacking up in my fridge again.

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