Tuesday, April 21, 2015

tj maxx haul

I originally went for the little notebook. They always have a good selection at a good price. It was $3.99.  I make my own planner (because I just dont want to pay the prices for a "designer" planner even though these are on sale for 40% off), so I want one with a sturdy cover and I'm always looking for the right size. A post on this is coming. This is one area TJ really knocks it out of the park. 

The Opi nail polish was a two pack for $7.99 which is $2 cheaper than one bottle costs at Ulta. I like both the colors, so it didn't take long to throw that in the buggy.

I had been looking for a lamp for my kitchen buffet, and the one I have my eye on at Tuesday morning is $79.00, I am watching it and hoping for a drastic cut in price, but in the meanwhile, the search continued.  I was already thinking about this $24.99 lamp at TJ, but could not make up my mind. I found it on clearance for $10 and the decision was suddenly made. Its my new buffet lamp. I'm still not sure its going to be permanent, but I like how the whole shade glows and unless the other one at Tuesday Morning is drastically price cut, the plan is that this one is settling into its new home on top of the buffet and staying for quite a while.
I also got two more pair of reading glasses. They are two for $9.99, which is the price of one pair at Walmart, and I feel these are sturdier, not to mention, more fashionable. Where do these glasses get off to? They go missing at an alarming rate. I think they must be with the one missing sock and the bobby pins.
The rose gold mirrored box was totally an impulse buy. OK... so what here wasn't an impulse buy? Pretty much everything but the notebook.  The gold box is suppose to be a little jewelry box, I think.  But I am going to use it on my nightstand and attempt to corral items into it to keep the nightstand more together. It was $8.99, and matches the cream and gold tones in the bedroom really well.   But *update* the little box is not keeping things as neat at bedside as I hoped and it is being reassigned to another location.
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