Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Target Haul

This haul starts like most hauls start for me.

It was late one evening and random things found their way into my buggy. This night was at Target, which everyone knows how Target sucks you in and forces you to buy unnecessary things, so I feel like its not my total fault. 

Of course, there are snacks for work, which I would argue is reasonable. And Nivea lotion. I haven't used this since I was a teenager, but remembered that at one time I had really been wild about it.  I'll try it again. Why not?  My verdict.... It does bring back good memories and, partially due to the memories, has taken second place in my lotion library. I feel that nothing can knock my number one lotion love out of first place, though, which is the cheap and old Cocoa Butter Palmers

I went down the makeup aisle looking for a brow pencil and found, here is where the totally unnecessary things start,  a new brow highlighter from Wet and Wild that I got home and instantly hated. It was chalky and the wrong color and returned. 

I got an eye shadow brush from Sonia Kesheck, for $5, and an eye shadow pallet from the same brand which was also returned after realizing it was almost $14! I can buy Estee Lauder for a few dollars more! I felt like I had been tricked. I expect drug store prices at the drug store.

I did find a brow pencil too, from Revlon. I really seem to go through these things and haven't found one I really love but  I like this one. A lot of mine get chewed up in the pencil sharpener thing, but this one has a retractable pencil so it doesn't get sharpened, which will probably prolong its life expectancy with me.


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  2. I love your shopping hauls. Makes me want to go straight to the store immediately and buy the same exact thing.