Saturday, January 28, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook Saturday January 28

Outside my window:

Colder weather has returned and I have been delighted. Its cold enough for an electric blanket at night and sunny and bright in the day and does not get above 60. My favorite kind of weather, and it looks like I have a few more days of this to enjoy.

My current view:

A sunny window from bed.

I am learning:

Constantly re-learning that I can't do everything at once. I simultaneously wanted to go to Bible Study, the grocery store, get some errands done, clean the car, measure for furniture, go to work, and clean the upstairs but I also want to stay in my PJs and lounge around the house. What I did do is Bible Study and grocery store and back in PJs by noon. 

I'm sick. The doctor said it is not flu but its flu like symptoms. I missed a day and a half of work, and was trying to make it up today. Instead, this Bible Study and grocery store wore me slap out and I voted for PJs and I stayed in bed, a lot.

Around the house:

Surprisingly, things have really started moving around the house. It was a big week. I picked most of the tile, flooring, tubs, sinks, backsplash and a partridge in a pear tree. The kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and dining room were painted. This fireplace (finally) went in. It was my third choice but the best fit for the space without major re-structuring of the entire house. The scaffolding is half built so the living room and entry can be painted.  Its shocking how much can get done in a week after what feels like months of not much happening. 

I am looking forward to:
Getting a new front door. Its suppose to be in this week. It was ordered in October and scheduled for delivery December 1. Its been almost 2 months delayed. This is the fourth delivery date I've been given, so I don't have high hopes.

I am looking forward to, part 2:
Cable TV.  I'm so tired of watching antenna TV. I miss the Food Network, HGTV, Hallmark movies...

I'm looking forward to, part 3:
Beth Moore Live in June and the two day class prior to the event.

I listening to:
I shocked myself by finishing Outlander book 4 in about two weeks and a half or so. Its quite the accomplishment. It was 44 hours and 54 minutes long. I did not enjoy book 4 as much as I did book 3. I have book 5, but cant jump into it.  I feel I need to rest up before I get so involved again. Although I accidently read a pretty detailed spoiler on book 5 and I'm a little disappointed I already know the major plot lines. This series is so  popular and discussed at such length, that it is almost impossible to avoid all spoilers. I keep saying I'm going to stop getting sucked into this series, but....

I am cooking:
Not much. I'm enjoying home made chicken noodle soup from a friend,  weekly dinner invitations from my neighbor/cousin always with leftovers, meal delivery from a local organic health food service, and the few things from grocery store like peanut butter sandwiches, deli potato salad and ham. I make myself breakfast easier than anything else. Yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, toast, cereal. That's about all the makeshift upstairs kitchen can manage.

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  1. Hope you are over that bug soon--i had it two weeks ago 2 1/2days in bed...but wasn't the flu?! The house sounds exciting! It will all be together soon! Cheers dear!

  2. Visiting you today from The Simple Woman... I hope you recover soon from your flu-like symptoms. Bless your heart. And at the same time you've got major house renovations? Love your fireplace. We moved to our current house nearly 4 years ago. My last fireplace looked just like the one you are getting and I loved it. Have not heard of the Beth Moore study you are doing now, although I've done a lot of her studies in the past. Rest and recover!