Sunday, January 22, 2017

Friday night with Beth Moore

Beth Moore had her first book club simulcast on Friday and guess who was in the live audience?

Six women from my church were invited to attend.  I was the only one that had already read the book, which was a requirement to attend. The others spent some really late nights ignoring everything else to finish the book in two days so they could go.

It was at New Orleans Baptist Theologicial Seminary, but not in one of the class rooms. It was a full living room set up in the lobby of the college.

Coffee plays a pretty big role in the book (See the French Press on the coffee table? Months ago, after I read the book, I went out and bought a French Press). It was a nice touch to find a nice coffee shop inside the college. They make pretty coffee at NOBTS. and it was cheap! $1.62.

There was about 40 women in the live audience.  Mostly from Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, which also has a major role in the book, and where we plan to visit one Sunday. There were also a few professors from the college there and a few women Beth brought from her own office.
I was in the second row and this is how close I was to Beth. You can see me several times on the simulcast but, it looks like it was disabled after Saturday.

One spoiler.... which really isn't that much of a spoiler. Everyone expected there will be a sequel, but Beth said its going to be a prequel! 

She also said she wants to have the same audience back for the second book.

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