Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 goal planning

Can it be called goal planning if you don't actually make goals?

Like last year (here), and the year before that (here) I did the Lara Casey thing..... But, I'm not really doing much goal setting or making any goals this year.  Instead I made what feels like a to-do list...

This year I am going to:

1. Take two big vacations.

One during my birthday week in February (that conveniently coincides with Mardi Gras and 4 days off work) to Vermont (here), and one later in the year which is still up in the air but will probably involve me and a friend from Boston heading to Maine (here).

2. Attend the Propel Women Conference.

Their third conference and my third trip. They haven't released the events dates and cities yet, and it would be more prudent to pick the one closest to me (last year it was Jackson, MS),  I'm throwing off prudence and hoping for an excuse to see California again this year. (I guess that will be my third big trip of the year).

3. Getting my house completely rebuilt.

Since I can't hang doors, install bathtubs and build cabinets, there is not much I can do to actually rebuild this house, but there is going to come a point in the rebuilding nightmare fiasco ordeal process  when it'll turn into fun. I'm keeping my eye on that prize and vowing, when the time for the fun begins,  I'm going to pick out doorknobs, and put in closet shelves, and pick out a bathtub with joy and fun.  But its not fun right now. My goal is to actually have fun when it comes time for the fun stuff to start.

4. Buy a Michael Kors watch.

I want a Michael Kors watch, but I don't want to pay for a Michael Kors watch. I am willing to pay 1/4 of the price for a slightly used one at a consignment shop. I've got my eyes peeled. One shop in town currently has two of them, but I don't particularly like the style of either. I'm holding out for that special one.

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  1. Your goals are inspiring. You know what you want and you know how to make it happen.