Friday, July 22, 2016

$20 payday pretty

The concept:
Take $20 (or so...) once a payday and get something just because it makes you feel pretty. 

The results:
Latest payday pretty haul from TJ Maxx:

The goods: 
Formula X: My favorite nail polish. $2.
It's regularly $10.50 at Sephora, so I grabbed it fast when I saw it. there was only two bottles. Its a metallic grey/purple. I may not have bought this color at the regular price, but  I like it and have already got compliments on it.
DW Home Candles:  Can you believe I am out of end of the year stockpile of bath and body work candles?! They are one of my favorites. but I also love the DW brand. But I find their candles are kind of hit and miss.... Got a birthday cake scent (flavor?) for $7.99 and a Vanilla Bean slightly smaller for $6.99. But, so far, the birthday cake is a miss.... not my favorite. Its a very faint scent.
Soap:  I always buy the scented soap from TJ Maxx. They have a nice selection and you don't see the same kind/scent all the time. I got a very large bath bar in shea butter for $3.99.

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