Monday, July 18, 2016

weekend projects

Where did the weekend go? Seriously? Between church services and crying all day for the Baton Rouge Police Officers, the only proof I have to show that I actually had a weekend is the memory of a Sunday nap and the accomplishment of cleaning this now empty room. Baton Rouge is all just walking numb and wounded.  I finally had to turn the news off and put my hands to something productive to do.
I really cant call it the office anymore, but its not quite the guest room yet... so I started calling it the upstairs room.
Baseboards, windows and door frames were scrubbed and the wood floor was mopped with my newest discovery of vinegar and water (I'm mopping all the floors with it. How does it clean so well?)  and then waxed. I love Orange Glow for the wood floors. I've been using it for about 10 years. Nothing perks me up like seeing shiny wood floors. Its very satisfying, in a weird sort of way.

I wish I had one more day to putter around in the space, but the work week has arrived, and I honestly don't know when I will get back to it. Every evening after work this week is full. 
Monday: Pampered Chef party
Tuesday: Candlelight Service for the Baton Rouge Police Officers
Wednesday: Youth at Church
Thursday: Exercise class
Friday: Church service
This is why its called "being a weekend warrior", I suppose.
I am actually surprised at how quick the transformation from neglected/abandoned/half-empty/sad office to guest room has been. Its ready for the fun part... organizing and arranging the guest room furniture waiting to be moved from the guest room... or rather the other room that is no longer the guest room, but doesn't yet have a name. 
When its empty, what is now the guest room, is going to get a little paint job, a little cleaning, and a little waxing of the wood floors, then become the new office.   


  1. The floors look awesome! It was a sad day for BR. You are Super Woman to have a full schedule every evening after work and still pull off a room transformation.

  2. Bobbie - the floors truly look Great ! I'm going to try your Vinegar & Water Mixture on my 'new' Wood Floors ! Yes - BR has experienced much Sadness during these past few days...few weeks - - but thank God, the Community is coming together during this very sad time.