Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Second Quarter Goals.... and some thoughts on productivity

First quarter master bathroom and rose garden is done and was a success and I am so happy and relieved to have it done done done. But the second quarter goals are off to a slooooow start....  in the same spirit of the one room challenge, I am only focusing on two things each quarter, except sometimes I don't only focus on the two things and I start in other areas and have to call myself back to the spot I am suppose to be, thus the productivity problems. 

And.... its the middle of May already ( May? Already!!)  and I have barely started on the two things I said I would accomplish, the living room and making a veggie garden. I can rattle off plenty of reasons for lack of productivity and they are all valid reasons  (I was sick! I keep veering off to do things in other rooms! The list of things keeps growing!) but really, in the end, I still have nothing little to show for livingroom and garden  that I am suppose to be focusing on.

Much like the bathroom, the living room is a bigger project than I first thought (aren't they all?). Actually, I just keep adding things to the list thus making it bigger than originally planned. This has basically been my thought process.... You know, this couch really isn't me.... I really want a new couch! and a new rug!  and a new coffee table! But I don't have any money.... I need to seriously shop some clearance sales and stalk some yard sales. I better go shopping instead of stay in and work on these windows! (it makes sense at the time)

For now, I have filed the nail holes on the trim and will be painting it bright white shortly (hopefully) and curtain brackets are up!  Because I need 154 inches of curtains to cover two French doors and two windows (I know the house is not symmetrical. I didn't build it.  The plans were for a bigger house and the original owner scaled it down. Since I don't see myself doing major structural changes, it drives me bonkers, but I just ignore it), and I don't want to take out a second mortgage to pay for it,  I'm DIY-ing the curtain rod (like this).

I am pretty impressed the brackets are up and the metal electrical pipe has been cut to size and is laying on the floor waiting to be installed, which is an accomplishment. Because I couldn't get the pipe long enough, (did I mention I need more than 11 feet of curtain rod!)  I used a hacksaw and cut another piece to add to a 10 foot rod with a connector. (You would be shocked  and maybe a little horrified at how long I've stood in the aisle at Home depot trying to figure this all out). 

Slow progress will continue....

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  1. At least it's progress! Love your house.

  2. Slow and steady wins the race! We so appreciate you joining the Thoughts of Home on Thursday gathering. May you have a delightfully lovely weekend.

  3. You certainly summed up home projects, they always become so bigger than we intended.
    Progress is being made and we thank you for sharing your time and talents with us.
    Please join us today at our Garden link up too.
    The Ladies from TOHOT