Monday, December 14, 2015

a very little black friday shopping

The outcome of too much food/wine at an office Thanksgiving party on Wednesday and an entire day of feeling rotten and sleeping a lot on Thursday combined with so many online with free shipping sales and accepting a date for Friday made Black Friday shopping rather slim this year.  

Typically, Black Friday is an important day in my life. This year it was not. It was very low key. I just did not feeeeeeeeellll  like going out to the Outlet Mall or the regular Mall or anywhere else really. It was a slow day, and not a typical Black Friday for me.

I did get a few things at the Sephora $10 sale. A few of the items I snagged (or thought I snagged) disappeared from my online cart before I could check out, which I thought as really rude.  I ended up with the things below: A set of three Sephora Masks, a set of three Living Proof hair care items and Tarte blush and illuminizer. I had about three other items that apparently sold out before I could complete my order. The three items I did manage to get, I absolutely love all of them. I made good choices.

I tried to shop on line at ULTA but the things I wanted were already gone.

I also ended up at TJ Maxx to finally buy this little Coach pouch for my purse. I've been eyeing it for weeks and told myself if it was still there, I was going to buy it. It was $24, which I think is really expensive, but it is a real Coach (my ONLY Coach product) and I rationalized it by telling myself it would costs three times that much if it weren't at TJ Maxx and I'd probably have it for the next 20 years.  Both of which are true.

I also had a leisurely stroll through Lowes with a guy, getting some needed small house project type things, that had nothing to do with Black Friday, then had an equally slow lunch and Starbucks trip with the same guy, both not Black Friday related, but none the less, was my Black Friday activities. 

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  1. Sounds like a little bit of Black Friday was accomplished.