Monday, November 16, 2015

Ipsy and Walmart boxes

Walmart beauty box:

Its $5 and has 10 to 12 samples in it, so for those two reasons alone, I like this box a lot, and I like that its a lot of drug store type things that, if I like them, I can find them pretty easy (and cheap).

This month box included: Act mouthwash, Dove bodywash, Neutrogena mascara, and some are smaller one-time-only samples like Jennifer Aniston perfume and Loreal facial oil. It also has 3 or 4 coupons in the box. 

This box, although a good value, was kind of lackluster. I was not over the moon to see any of it. Nothing jumped out at me. But it was good. Not great, but good.


I had cancelled this one about 10 months ago, but thought I missed it, so just re-ordered. This was my first box and I was happy to see it return in my mailbox....  I like the nail polish, a deep navy. Its currently on my toes. and I like Dr. Brandt's  exfoliation A LOT . It was my favorite thing out of both boxes. In fact, it might make it into my monthly favorite things.  I was happy to see the balm's matte lipgloss, but once I used it, I did not like it (so dry). The other two samples, the bb cream and the body lotion were not exciting.

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