Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Simple Woman daybook: February 4, 2015

Yesterday something became completely, conclusively, painstakingly and finally over. For the first time in a while, I woke up easy and happy. I went to bed thinking of something else in the very early stages of developing. I woke up from a dream about building a house, and designing all the rooms in detail, walking through it, decorating it, and most of my family was there. I'm not sure what it means or if it means anything, but I think it greatly contributed to me waking up happy.

Outside my window:
It is the perfect day for staying at home, with an electric blanket and candles burning, with a dog at my side on the couch and looking out on the cold rain. But, that is not what I am doing today. I am doing the exact opposite of that today.
In the kitchen:
Chicken chili.  Details to follow.

I am looking forward to:
Mardi Gras, the end of king cake season and a 4 day weekend. Last year I completely left anything Mardi-Gras related in favor of friends in Boston, and it is pretty appealing this year, but my fear of flying into massive snow storms is winning over my travel bug and I instead will been enjoying 4 days focused on errands and things at home.

Add lipstickI am Reading:
I've set a goal to read more this year (20 books), which is greatly assisted by both audio books from the library and subscribing to audible. My current (and sixth) book is "Orange is the new black, my year in a woman's prison"I also have a goal to be in continuous Bible study (which also counts as my seventh book). Right now, its "Hebrews, the nearness of King Jesus" by Lisa Harper. I don't want to get too optimistic, but I am blowing through this reading goal.

I am planning:
  • My four day weekend in my head
  • What I'm going to cook this weekend
  • A chandelier to replace the light fixture in my bedroom
  • February goals, still a little up in the air

Listening to:
Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. Already a Classic. The spot is earned.On repeat in my life right now:
Every breaking wave by U2

I am watching: 
I'm asking myself almost every day, am I too late for the Scandal bandwagon? I've heard others rave about it, but still managed to avoid it. I "accidentally" watched one episode. (it was on when I was doing something else and I was too lazy to turn the TV). Now, I am seriously wondering if I can take the time out of my life to get caught up and watch all 5 past seasons? I'm not sure I can emotionally invest myself in it but I am heavily leaning to giving it a try.

Favorite Quote for the day:
Dear optimist, pessimist, and realist: while you were arguing about the glass, I drank it. Sincerely, the opportunist.

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  1. Love the quote. I just started watching Scandal. I am thinking about getting the past seasons to watch. I like it so far!