Monday, July 10, 2017

A few things Im loving right now


I have no idea what this stuff is (furniture cream? like a moisturizer? for wood?) but it is amazing. You can imagine what a 1930s wood dresser looks like after sitting in five feet of muddy flood water for three days.... never mind..... You can not imagine what it would look like and you wouldn't believe me unless you saw it for yourself. But it was bad.The wood turned grey and the mud would not come off. So bad that the owner of a furniture restoration company told me to throw it away, there was nothing he could do for me. Instead I sat it in the garage. Periodically, I'd wash it down and try and clean some of the mud off. It took many serious washings sometimes with a scrub brush and wool, but it was finally free of mud but still looked bad. Really bad. Even in its condition, I decided it would be the vanity area in my guest bath.  It fit perfectly and  I planned to pass it off as very rustic, and shabby chic, heavy on the shabby. As a last ditch effort, I found this furniture cream at..... where else? TJ Maxx. I literally put half a bottle on it and let it soak in. My thinking: cant hurt anything now. The wood just soaked it in and it made the wood look 100 times better. It no longer looks old and cracked and brittle and grey. Its still old and wobbly and looks like it went through a flood, but it does look a lot better. I never thought I'd see the wood clean again! But here it is..... thanks Thomasville. Complaints.... none.

Maybelline lasting drama eyeliners

They are so smooth and creamy and  go on so easy and slick and wear forever.  I put it on about 7:30a and its still there at 9:30p when it take it off. I like them better than Loreal infallible. I like them so much I went back and got three more. Here is a youtube review (starts at 4:15). Complaints.... its hard to take off and I more often than not wake up with a little left on from yesterday. Its also so creamy you have to go slow and be careful when applying. It can get everywhere quick.

Rimmel Provolips

Everyone is wild about Lipscense ( review here). But its really expensive, and I heard this stuff was almost as good and literally lasts all day and it costs about $7.  It REALLY does last all day. You have to reapply the gloss but the color literally last all day. I always have it on when I go to take my makeup off at night, and sometimes, I even find  a little left on in the morning. We wont discuss the level of chemicals this things must have or that I'm shortening my life span, but this stuff works. I like it better than my old favorite. Complaints.... you have to go super slow when putting it on because once it is on, it is not coming off. Also, after 12 hours or so, you can really tell you have on long wearing lipstick. It is not as fresh looking. And last complaint, you have to really want to take this off and actually use makeup remover on your lips. I use this.

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