Wednesday, November 30, 2016

simple woman daybook- November 30, 2016

Outside my (office) window:
Image result for quotesIts grey and turning cooler, which makes me happy. (the cooler part, not the grey part.) When the dog woke me up at 1:00a for a potty break, it was raining. She didn't stay out in it long.  Raining and cold this weekend.
Around the house:
moving along with the rebuilding slowly. 18 new windows are scheduled to be installed Friday morning. The upgraded nicer and bigger fireplace is scheduled to be installed in the middle of January. I have a meeting scheduled tonight with the carpenter to discuss/chose cabinets in kitchen and bathroom. Sounds like progress, but it is very very slow.

Last weekend:
I spent all weekend going back and forth to Lowes to get paint samples. Finally, colors are chosen. The masterbath is going to be light French grey and the bedroom is babbling brook.  

I am watching:
Having an antenna is limiting. I miss HGTV. I've been watching a lot of the Love Boat, Wonder Woman and the news that continuously replays on one station. Its been quite a while since I watched any series regularly. Looking forward to start of The Great American Baking Show this Thursday.

I am listening to:

I am cooking:
I manage to cook breakfast in my little makeshift kitchen upstairs, but not much else. I've been heavily relying on sandwiches or chick-fil-a for supper, or the home cooked meals friends randomly drop by.  If I had a real kitchen, I'd be making chicken and dumplings' and peanut butter oatmeal bars this weekend.
I am looking forward to:
The 2017 Propel Conference. They have not released the dates or cities yet, but several of us are planning to attend at the most exciting location. I am not so secretly pulling for a return trip to California. When I lived in Nevada, I was three hours away from my favorite spot , and was there about five times a year.  But, its a lot harder to see it from Louisiana.

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  1. Bobi - - I'm so thankful to see You making progress. That's wonderful! Don't get use to eating at Chick-fil-A (LOL).