Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Makeup Haul

Imagine you lost all your makeup, perfume and brushes, in a flood and your entire makeup bag is only the few things you brought on vacation with you to the beach (Estee Lauder doublewear light foundation and doublewear concealer, a beauty blender, a mini Tarte mascara, a rollerball size of perfume (this one), one black eyeliner and the three lipsticks in your purse...  plus two bottles of sunscreen, two bathing suits and a monogrammed beach towel... but that's a different story...

What is the first thing you miss? For me it was an eyebrow pencil.

What would you immediately buy to start replacing your makeup?
These are the first things I bought to restock. (this is where keeping a list on my phone of products I want to try comes in handy)

Covergirl Trunaked Nudes $9.99
I heard nothing but good things about this and everyone says they are a dupe for the Urban Decay Nudes and about $40 cheaper. I had been wanting to try these and here is my chance! I'm thinking I will go back and buy the rose gold one also. Emily Noel's youtube review here (starts at 1:02) and Tati's youtube review here (starts at 1:19)

elf eye shadow brush $6

I didn't specifically go to buy this brush. I just needed one and it was cheap. Its been working great.

Milini eyeshadow primer $6.49
I had actually been looking for this for some time, and could never find it. I finally went to a large enough drug store and found it.
Youtube review here (starts at 9:57)

Loreal Magic Lumi Highlighter Pen $12.99
I don't think this was on my list of things to try, but my energy was getting low and I was in need of a highlighter and this one looked like a good one. I had originally planned to re-purchase the magic lumi primer, which I already know I love, but the store was out....

Milani baked blush in Luminoso $7.49
This is another one I had on my list and was planning on trying out. Everyone raves about it and I already like it a lot. It has a built in highlighter. Youtube recommendation here  (starts at 7:02) and here (starts at 2:22)

Maybelline Brow Perfect pencil $6.95
This is what I originally went to the drugstore to get, but another particular brand that was not on my list, but looked like a good one to try. I did see a review of it here (starts at 5:20). My only complaint thus far, is the pencil wears down really quick and I don't have a sharpener (yet!)

On another note... all my nailpolish was saved! The organizer was high enough to stay dry (just barely).

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  1. A girl's gotta have her makeup products. Glad you're beginning to restock.

  2. It's always enjoyable to try new Makeup Products - - You have a nice variety of Nail Polish !

  3. Oh no! I'm glad you at least got to save your nail polishes!